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      Audi A4 Allroad Extended Warranty


      A huge percentage of the most luxury and commonly known vehicles produced in Europe and sell globally comes from German. We are talking about, BMWs, Audi, Mercedes Benz and so much more. German automakers have put in a lot of effort in ensuring they deliver nothing but outstanding and incredibly performing vehicles. It is very hard and rare to miss spotting a German car cruising on any roads here in Canada.

      The Audi A4 is among the many models and series ever produced by Audi. Audi A4 boasts a wide range of amazing features and specs that will surely leave you surprised. Under the hood of the Audi A4, there is a powerful powertrain system that powers this wonderful sedan. That not being enough, the interior of this sedan is nothing but a sort of heaven -n-earth. We are talking about a modern and high-tech design setup, with almost all the classy controls and features, comfy seats, and enough cargo space. Last but not lats, the exterior sharp look, and astonishing angles and curves altogether bring out an executive feel on your first glimpse.

      Breakdowns and faults shall never cease from any sort of asset. All assets owned will frequently or once at a time need check-ups and maintenance. In this context, we are talking about a very expensive and luxurious asset, the Audi A4. On average, car owners are estimated to spend at least $100 on car maintenance. This is just a rough estimate which could be even 10-fold depending on the car’s make and extent of breakdown. For an Audi A4 be ready to drain to your pocket.

      Glady, there is some good news in the air. Do you have any clue about extended warranties? Extended warranties are forms of warranties that usually swing in once the original Audi A4 manufacturer warranty expires. For most Audi models, the factory warranty goes for only 4 years. This is not favorable to persons who wish to own their cars for long. This is why extended warranties were introduced.

      Don’t wait until it’s too late. Immediately you purchase any sort, go get an Audi A4 extended warranty. Audi A4 extended warranty is the way to go!

      Let’s have a look at some models under the A4 series and their respective problems.

      2018 Audi A4.

      The 2018 Audi A4 was and still is an entry-luxury sedan in the market. This car comes with tons of specs and features that are suitable for most first-time owners of luxury models. The powertrain system of this model is just perfect. That is a 4. 0 l engine that is turbocharged. The power output of the 2018 A4 is moderate. That is 190 Horsepower. On the transmission segment, the are two options to choose from. The A4 comes in a 6-speed manual transmission and a 7-speed dual-clutch system.


      Ince the 2018 A4 model is an entry-luxury sedan, you need to expect not that high-end sort of interior look. Despite that, the interior still looks out-of-the-ordinary. The creative and unique design in the interior is something to admire about. A blend of different quality materials creates a premium feel and look. The heated front seats, leather seats and armrest, automatic dual climate control, and the futuristic infotainment system match perfectly with the surrounding.

      Common problems.

      1. Spark plug failures.
      2. Catalytic converter faults.
      3. Oil leakages.
      4. Ignition or start-up misfires.

      Are the problems above problems bothering you? No way. These problems are nothing before an extended warranty. Pick on the perfect providers and purchase an Audi extended warranty right away.

      2016 Audi A4.

      If you are a first-time car owner and you are after a car that performs, it’s luxurious and on top of that a huge brand, then look no further. The Audi A4 offers exactly that and it is worth the value of your hard-earned cash. The Audi A4 will surprise you with how it is agile and sharp even though it is an old model. It comes with a super cool powertrain system that will never fail to amaze. We are talking about a 2.0 L, 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. This is a no-brainer kind of engine. With such engine specs, you are guaranteed nothing but top-notch performance.

      The engine has the capability of producing over 200 horsepower and 228 pounds-feet worth of torque. The transmission system linked to the engine is a 6-speed automatic transmission or a CVT system in some trims. Inside the 2016 A4, there is more than enough to admire. The techy dashboard comprises an infotainment screen centrally placed, easy-to-reach controls, ambient, and enough headroom and legroom, a comfortable seat, and huge cargo space.

      Common problems.

      1. Clutch plate failures.
      2. Loos of engine power.
      3. Poor oil usage.
      4. Engine gasket problems.

      Is the “Audi extended warranty worth it” question should not be there if you are planning to get a 2016 Audi A4? Get the car and get an extended warranty as well.


      The Audi A4 is a good car. The problems above do happen and some are common even to other different car brands. You have to be prepared to handle them as they come your way. One way of doing so is by getting an Audi A4 extended warranty. This will give you the peace of mind you need, relaxation, and confidence while driving and certainly ensure the car is in tip-top condition for the longest time possible.