If you own a Ford model or plan on securing one in the near future, this article recommends you learn about extended Ford warranties. The warranty is responsible for covering the vehicle from any unforeseen breakdowns that come along during ownership.

 Customers make agreements with either a Ford dealership where the vehicle is bought or third-party vendors.

Some unscrupulous claims taint extended warranties by claiming they are unnecessary, while some facts make extended warranties so expensive. However, all that being said is far from the truth. But since many car enthusiasts are usually not conversant with the ” extended warranty” topic, they tend to avoid it at all costs.

This publication comes clear the question of whether extended warranties are worth it or not. In this context, it is not any other type of extended warranty but a Ford one.

Why you’ve got to try out a Ford extended warranty?

Ford extended warranty saves money.

Most brand-new Ford vehicles usually come with the Ford manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is compulsory for all new vehicles and covers costs related to workmanship damages. The manufacturer’s warranty is always meant to cover the vehicle for less than 36,000 miles/ 3 years. During this coverage period, the vehicle is entitled to repairs and replacement by certified car dealerships or any other service center.

Now, the Ford warranty extended comes in once the factory warranty expires. Remember, once the factory warranty is, the car owner will be responsible for all the costs. That means the car owner will need to fish money out of their pockets to cater for all maintenance. Now, given that some expensive parts in the vehicle could end up faulty, you might need help to meet the cost of repairs and labour.

That is why you need to secure a Ford extended warranty. Once you’ve secured a plan, the provider or dealerships will meet all costly repairs and labour costs.

Increases resale value of the vehicle

Do you plan on reselling your Ford vehicle? You might well be conversant with the different factors buyers are looking for in a car. These factors include; mileage, model year, powertrain specs, and, most importantly, the vehicle’s condition. Once you understand, you can gauge your vehicle and set a price.

If your vehicle is in fine and good shape, the chances of selling it at a higher value go high. However, if it is vice versa, then you won’t sell the vehicle at a high value. Therefore, if you need to resell it, the price tag will be high compared to other models that are not well-kept. If you need to increase the resale value of your Ford model, one thing you’ve to adapt is securing a Ford extended warranty. An extended warranty will always ensure your Ford vehicle is up and running and in the greatest shape possible.

Peace of mind

If there is one thing that is hard to find and taste is peace of mind. The feeling that you’ve nothing to worry about or bother you comes at an expense. Well, if you haven’t thought that a Ford extended warranty coverage could bring peace of mind when you have it now. A Ford extended warranty coverage will always keep your vehicle in check, and any damages and faults, no matter how expensive, will always be handled.

That puts you in a comfy position where you don’t have to strain hard or push yourself past your limit to look after your vehicle. Also, in case of a problem, you won’t run up and down frustrated to the core just because your vehicle broke down. Instead, you must make a call and get everything back in motion. By doing so, you will enjoy absolute peace of mind and not only that, but also boost your driving confidence.

Flexible plans with extra benefits

Get a Ford warranty extended protection for your car and secure your vehicle’s well-being. Once the factory warranty expires, there is no need to catch the bull by its horn to meet all maintenance costs by yourself. One thing you will notice is that securing an extended warranty is unique. First, there are plenty of plans, from premium to basic. These plans are so flexible that their prices aren’t fixed and are customized to the customer’s desire.

Besides, these extended warranty plans offer a customer extra benefits. That includes; 24/7 roadside assistance, free towing, tire rotation, free oil changes, rental car reimbursement and so on. The are benefits you must always take advantage of as a car owner.


By now, the question as to whether extended warranties are worth it or not should not be an issue. It is now clear that an extended warranty Ford is something you should never think of doing without. It is an experience worth trying.

If you own a Ford model or plan on shopping for one later on, remember always to cover the vehicle with an extended warranty plan. The market right now is full of extended warranty providers whom you can chip in and get a plan for your Ford model.