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      BMW Extended Warranty Because BMWs are high-end cars, they may be costly to maintain. If a customer’s budget cannot withstand the cost of a significant breakdown, an extended warranty might be appealing because it protects drivers against the expense of such an event. Is BMW the best automobile security firm? Let’s have a keen look at BMW’s extended warranty costs and plans, as well as the manufacturer’s factory warranty and typical maintenance expenditures in this review. BMW Extended Warranty Plans You can pick your preferred length of the warranty, a 75,000 mile or 100,000 miles. As with other automobile manufacturers’ extended warranties, the conditions mentioned above include the original manufacturer’s guarantee’s duration. For instance, if you get a 7 year/100,000-mile warranty, you’re just gaining three years plus 50,000 miles of coverage. And if you buy a 5-year/75,000-mile warranty, you’ll be eligible for an extra year and 25,000-miles of coverage. You may add this warranty coverage when purchasing or any other time before the company’s original factory warranty expires if you buy a new vehicle. Before the manufacturer’s warranty expires, it is usually advised to get an extended warranty plan if a costly repair is required soon after the factory warranty runs out. The extended warranty coverages offered by BMW are as follows:
      • Platinum: 
      The automaker’s highest level of extended plan, platinum, is available only on an all-inclusive basis. The engine, transmission, fuel system, air conditioning, cooling system, steering, electrical system, and braking system are all covered in this strategy. This plan has just a couple of limitations since it fuses the benefits of the Powertrain Plus and Gold plans. Furthermore, platinum coverage only provides restricted coverage for your vehicle’s exterior and interior.
      • Gold:
      The plan offers somewhat less protection than the Platinum coverage. It does not, for example, cover the automobile’s entertainment system in comparison to the higher level. The Gold plan gives a “comprehensive” coverage by BMW, with coverage for the heating, transmission, air conditioning engine, anti-lock brakes, fuel systems, and steering
      • Powertrain Plus: 
      Powertrain plus coverage covers critical components like the gearbox and engine, but only partial. This coverage protects the engine, drive axles(s), and transmission, plus a few add-on components as part of a powertrain package. Overall, the powertrain plus plan covers the engine, drive axle, transmission, cooling, and fuel systems. What’s more, it protects the differential, transfer case, and induction system.
      BMW Extended WarrantyCoverage TermsExclusions Covered components
      Platinum7 years or 100,000 milesWear and tear, e.g., wiper blades and brake padsNavigation system, some interior and exterior parts, audio system, entertaining system Includes all components in the Gold plan
      Powertrain7 years or 100,000 milesEngine induction system, transfer case, all-wheel driveFuel, engine, drive axle, transmission, cooling system
      Gold7 years or 100,000 milesNavigation systems, audio entertainmentSteering, heating/air conditioning systems, anti-lock brakes. All components in the Powertrain plan are covered by this coverage.

      Is there a certified pre-owned extended warranty available from BMW?

      The term “certified pre-owned” suggests that the BMW you purchased is quality. However, what exactly does this accreditation guarantee, and how much protection does it provide? You’re only protected for one year and unlimited vehicle miles with the BMW Certified Pre-Owned program. After your first year with an eligible vehicle, you get 4 years and 50,000 miles on their New Vehicle Limited Warranty for Passenger Cars plus Light Trucks. In other words, pre-owned BMWs are only covered for approximately 5 years/unlimited miles, and thus only 5 years of BMW Roadside Assistance. The BMW Certified Pre-Owned Protection Plan protects against flaws but not vehicle breakdowns; you are not protected like you would be under the Maintenance Program or an extra year beyond the original four-year/50,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks, which is optional. Even if you plan on driving every mile you can under the “unlimited” coverage, it’s not much. That may appear to be plenty, and while it is a lot, not everyone is comfortable with only five years that is covered, even if they intend on driving as much as possible under this “unlimited” plan. Cost Of BMW’s Extended Warranty Extended warranties for BMWs are more expensive than those for comparable makes and models. A typical cost for an extended warranty on a new BMW ranges from $1,000 and $1,500/year if purchased directly from BMW. According to our study, a BMW extended company’s warranty will most likely cost from $3,500 to $6,000 in total. Whatever option of BMW extended warranty protection you select, you’ll find 24-hour roadside coverage and the choice of a $0 to $50 deductible. These repairs are being carried out by an approved BMW dealer for you to obtain coverage. Brand experts have revealed the following rates on BMW forums:
      • Expect to pay about $2,000 for an additional one year and 25,000 miles of Powertrain Plus Coverage.
      • For a three-year Platinum BMW Extended warranty Contract, you may purchase coverage that extends up to 10 years.
      • With Platinum Coverage for 5 years/100,000 miles, it costs $6,500.
      However, not everyone is willing to pay the indistinguishable price for security. Your extended warranty for your BMW will cost you anything from nothing to a lot, depending on many factors like:
      • The vehicle’s model, mileage, and age
      • The maximum period for which the contract may be renewed
      • The level of protection you choose
      • The dealer where you buy your warranty
      • The deductible amount
      According to BMW, dealerships may charge whatever they like for every customer. You may expect to receive many quotes from various dealerships as a result. Because of this, you may as successfully negotiate the cost of your car as you can that of an extended vehicle warranty.  Repair costs of BMW Many BMW vehicle owners are concerned about how today’s automobiles are more complicated than those from five years ago, and some consumers fear that this might have a negative influence on the car’s dependability. For example, all 2021 BMWs are equipped with enhanced engines, and most are offered with a 4WD. The technology inside automobiles is more advanced and sophisticated than ever before. With all that said, BMW, a trademark, did well in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Car Dependability Study, polling automobile owners about issues they’ve had after 3 years of driving. The study discovered that BMW has the highest percentage of issues per vehicle among all manufacturers (108 incidents/100 cars), followed by Audi with 127 problems. It outperforms the competitors Mercedes-Benz (122), and Audi (127) but it falls behind Lexus (81). The prices listed in the table below are just a sample of some BMW car repair costs.
      ModelRepair costs
      BMW 335iFuel pump replacementFrom $2,290-$3,937
      BMW 128iBrake booster repairFrom $634-$986
      BMW 325iOil leak repairFrom $298-$371
      BMW 528iCylinder gasket repairFrom $2,550-$3,292
      BMW X3 xDrive28iAir compressor and air conditioner repairFrom $1,726-$2,109
      BMW 528iWater pump repairFrom $777-$894
      BMW X3 xDrive28iMotor starter repairFrom $503-$1,275
        Third-party vendors that provide a BMW Extended Warranty A BMW extended warranty from a manufacturer might not provide precisely the right level of plan for your needs, depending on how you drive. Warranties from our best picks may be more flexible in terms of mileage and years coverage and more readily available. Endurance  Endurance is a well-known brand for offering extended warranties on its products. Consumers Reports, Consumer Advocates, and Trust Pilot rank the company highly. Some dealerships offer extended warranties, but not all do. For example, a dealership near you may provide service for up to 60 months after the sale; thus, you must discover what your specific warranty limitations are before purchasing anything new. Endurance provides a variety of BMW Extended Warranty options, and they’re so sure you’ll be happy. The typical deductible for an Endurance policy is $100. The premium costs of a Protection Plan can differ based on the model, mileage, make, and plan you choose. The company’s ‘Endurance Warranty’ provides guaranteed coverage for up to 100,000 miles (160,000 kilometres) or three years from the date of purchase if your vehicle is stolen or totalled. If your automobile is stolen or eradicated, you may be eligible for a replacement car and rental reimbursement of up to $5,500. They currently provide a more comprehensive selection of plans and benefits, including the Endurance Elite Membership with the following perks:
      • Personal Concierge – The new Endurance Personal Concierge is here, with live, personable assistance for everything from reservations to tickets to directions and more.
      • The Replacement of a Key Fob – This plan replaces your damaged or lost key fob.
      • Repair Finance – With this referral bonus, you could discover that your insurance company will pay for 50% of the repair expenses. In easy payment instalments, you may get up to $5,000 in loan money without applying.
      • Additional Discounts –You’ll earn $250 if you spend it with designated partners, and you may save money at certain businesses.
      • Tire Replacement – You could get up to 2 new or repaired tires reimbursed each year if your vehicle has less than 75,000 miles.
      • Endurance Protect App – With an endurance, easy-to-use app, you can stay connected to our staff and your benefits.
      • Theft Recovery following ID Theft– Restoration, repair, and compensation for damage caused by identity thieves.
      • Roadside Assistance – Endurance helps you with all your roadside assistance requirements, no matter how big or little they are. They’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist with anything you need to get back on the road.
        CARCHEX CARCHEX provides 18 contracts of coverage in addition to a variety of other services. It has various insurance coverage options, including the best plans that cover most vehicles with less than 250,000 miles on the odometer. CARCHEX contracts are exclusive, covering only what is not excluded by the contract’s language. As usual, make sure you’re purchasing the correct BMW Extended Warranty for your automobile. The cost of a CARCHEX policy varies based on the contract you choose, the length of your agreement, the make and model of your car, and other factors. CARCHEX plans are often less expensive than Endurance, with the typical monthly cost for a 2007–2014 Toyota averaging $56 per month. Monthly payments are available for 18 months. Owners can choose to pay in full or on a monthly payment plan over that time frame. CarShield Your vehicle’s warranty is a contract between you and the manufacturer, which only covers physical damage to your car. CarShield extended warranty is a service contract that the carmaker doesn’t fulfil. It may manage warranties on your BMW automobile as a service contract broker. It’s also worth noting that CarShield’s vehicle service contracts only cover specified parts listed on the contract. On the CarShield website, small contracts list American Auto Shield as the administrator, although other administrators may be used in larger contracts. This increases the number of alternatives available to you. On Google, over 8,900 customer reviews give CarShield a 4.1 out of 5 average ratings. According to Trustpilot, over 24,500 CarShield reviews give the firm a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 on average. Paid claims, knowledgeable agents, and excellent customer service are all frequent compliments in reviews for CarShield Third-Party vs BMW Extended Warranty
       EnduranceCarShieldCARCHEXBMW Extended Warranty
      Start DateAnytimeAnytimeAnytimeWhen factory warranty expires
      Number of plan options665(16 contracts)3(18 contracts)
      Coverage length8 years/200,000 miles200,000 miles10 years/250,000 miles7 years/100,000 miles
      Trip interruptionIncludedIncludedIncludedNot included
        Is BMW Extended Warranty Worth? If you’re thinking about buying a BMW extended warranty, keep in mind that typical BMW maintenance costs and the coverage provided with new BMWs should be considered. The BMW factory warranty, like the Mercedes-Benz warranty, covers 4 years/50,000 miles and applies to the entire car. After that, you’ll get no more coverage than other luxury marques, as Acura and Genesis provide. The former comes with a 10-year/100,000-mile warranty on the powertrain. The corrosion warranty on the X3 is 12 years/unlimited miles, and BMW’s roadside assistance continues for four years with no mileage limit. Because many BMWs are leased these days, customers need not be concerned about their coverage running out unless they intend to purchase the automobile after the lease. You will receive the original 4-year/50,000-mile warranty on a BMW CPO (certified pre-owned) car, as well as an extra year of coverage with unlimited miles on top of that. This BMW Extended Vehicle Protection Plan covers you regardless of where you’re driving your vehicle in the world. You can also add a supplementary warranty for $30 to extend your roadside assistance and coverage by an additional year (to three years total). Our Opinion on BMW’s Extended Warranty Although the cost of an extended warranty may be prohibitive for some, a BMW’s basic express warranty covers numerous components. Another advantage to purchasing a BMW’s extended warranty is that it covers your new car for longer, so you can use it more often. It also covers additional benefits such as roadside assistance, rental vehicle coverage, towing, and trip interruption compensation.