Mercedes Benz is one of the most spectacular and iconic brands of vehicles that many car enthusiasts are always want. The reputation of Mercedes Benz is so high and unheard of, making it the most sort after brand of all. What contributes to the immense love and interest of most Mercedes Benz is that every model always comes with top-notch performance and luxury. That is a combination of no common features that are never easily found on any other models.

Sadly, the fine and sleek nature of your Mercedes Benz will begin to wear off the more you use your car. At least once in a while, you will encounter breakdowns and faults that will ruin the car’s functionality. If you are driving a newer Mercedes Benz, you will likely not face many issues. That Is because a brand new Mercedes Benz will cushion you from spending much on maintenance thanks to the Mercedes factory warranty.

The Mercedes factory warranty doesn’t last as long as you might expect. Most average factory warranties only go from 36,000 miles or 3 years. This is such a short period, given you plan on keeping your car for a long. Luckily, there is an alternative to the short factory warranty. That is through the purchase of an extended car warranty. It extends the expired factory warranty and plays a similar but more diverse role. In addition, it can be purchased from third-party sellers or authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

Used car Mercedes warranty.

Well, it is clear that not all new car buyers will opt for a brand-new Mercedes straight from the factory. Furthermore, a brand-new average Mercedes Benz model costs less than $35,000. Top trims go way higher to over $100k plus. Remember that this is just the initial shelf price; you have not included the maintenance fee and other extra charges. Since Mercedes is a luxury car, maintenance is way more expensive than other ordinary vehicles.

There the best option when looking to cut down on costs is going for a used model. You can either purchase a certified pre-owned version or purchase directly with the sellers. But now, one thing you have to check up on is whether the model is covered or not. If not, will you be able to purchase a Mercedes Warranty for the model or not?

Mercedes warranty from dealerships.

The obvious answer to that question is easy; you can purchase a Mercedes warranty on a used car. However, that depends on where you are purchasing the used car from. If it is from a Certified Mercedes dealership, then you are only allowed to purchase a Mercedes warranty before the factory warranty expires. Now, if a breakdown happens, a car owner is only limited to a Certified dealership where the car can be checked up. If you are purchasing a used vehicle whose factory warranty has not passed 48 months, you can get an extended warranty for the same car.

Mercedes extended warranty from third-party vendors.

On the other hand, you can choose to get a Mercedes warranty from third-party sellers. Third-party vendors such as Endurance, Carshield, and Autopom are among the best and most reliable sellers you can source an extended warranty plan. A Mercedes car warranty for your used car purchase from third-party dealers is more effective and reliable than that from Mercedes dealerships.

Unlike the Mercedes warranty from dealerships, the warranty from third-party sellers does not have strict rules and limitations. For instance, you can either get the Mercedes extended warranty for your used car once the factory warranty has expired or even before the expiry period.

Benefits of Mercedes warranty for used cars from third-party vendors.

Below are some of the kind benefits you will enjoy once you get an extended warranty for your used Mercedes model;

1.   Extra benefits

Not only does the car get guaranteed protection from unforeseen problems, but it also gets extra benefits. These benefits include;

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Trip interruption
  • Car towing services

2.   Extensive and less expensive coverage plans.

This is another mind-blowing aspect that recommends an extended warranty from a third party. The plans are always extensive and cover many parts of the car. Furthermore, they are less expensive and come with fewer deductibles per claim.


If you own a used car and plan to cover it from unforeseen problems, you can do so, thanks to extended warranties. Your Mercedes car is now entitled to coverage whether the factory warranty is over or not. The choice is now up to the car owner to get an extended warranty from a third party or Mercedes dealership.

However, the most recommended place to secure protection is from third-party sellers. Your car gets maximum protection through extensive plans that are also affordable and friendly.