CarShield and Endurance are two major extended automobile warranty providers that provide low-price contracts to cover a wide range of vehicle parts. In this comparison, we look at CarShield vs. Endurance regarding pricing, additional perks, coverage choices, and consumer feedback.

CarShield coverages/contracts are typically less expensive in the immediate term, even though Endurance occasionally offers lower long-term rates. CarShield provides coverage for automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles. Endurance warranty does not cover motorcycles or all-terrain vehicles. In this shoulder-to-shoulder comparison, you’ll see how the two businesses compare in several areas.

CarShield and Endurance have both placed in the top three in our research of the best long-term auto insurance providers, according to our study team.

CarShield vs. Endurance Highlights

Overall rating4.64.2
Customer service4.53.6

CarShield and Endurance: An Overview

CarShield Extended Warranty

St. Peters, Missouri’s CarShield is a vehicle service contract broker created in 2005 and has offices on 1625 W Florissant Ave. This is a legitimate contract negotiator for other insurance providers, such as American Auto Shield, known as obligators. A full-time operator is a person who drives for a firm regularly, for example. This configuration gives drivers a greater variety of coverage and pricing alternatives. ATVs, as well as other non-traditional cars, are covered.

Any dealership or repair shop recognized by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE®) may make covered repairs if your car has a CarShield service contract. With this list of DIY repairs, you should be able to locate a reputable auto repair shop. With this in mind, it’s easy to discover a competent mechanic, which is crucial when your vehicle has broken down hundreds or thousands of Kilometers away. In addition, many consumers praised CarShield for making it simple to obtain coverage for repairs.

Benefits provided by The CarShield policy cover the cost of driving you to a repair shop.

 Endurance Extended Warranty

Endurance has a long history in the business and is a well-known firm. Endurance was founded in Canada in 2006 and has provided warranties since then.

Endurance is a vehicle protection provider with headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois. Unlike CarShield, it is not broker insurance; it sponsors its service contracts.

The company’s second-tier plan, which comes with complete service and maintenance, is one of the six distinctive offerings in the company because it offers long-term warranty coverage. In addition, endurance is recognized for having the lowest yearly fees of any national organization. Still, it’s also well-known for including a year of free membership in its Elite Membership scheme with each membership.

This opens the door to some of the greatest perks in the business.

CarShield Vs. Endurance: Plans

There are several similarities between CarShield and Endurance. Both companies have full coverage plans for automobiles and similar numbers of options to choose from.

CarShield differs from Endurance in its motorcycle and ATV plan, while at the same time offering longer coverage limits than Endurance does not offer a motorcycle or ATV plan as CarShield does.

Additionally, both warranty service providers allow vehicle owners to have their covered repairs done by any certified repair shop of their choice, which is not the case with factory coverages or manufacturer extended warranties that force you to bring your car back to the dealership for servicing.

CarShield Coverage

Every condition has its own set of circumstances, so Every Auto insurance offers coverage on every occasion. CarShield Insurance is a Canadian insurance firm specializing in high-performance automobiles, motorcycles/ATVs, and Spanish speakers. There are six plans available, ranging from low-cost powertrain to full bumper-to-bumper commitments, specializing in high-tech cars and motorbikes/ATVs.

Our four-year/50,000-mile coverage is just as long as a typical vehicle’s and comes with the same comprehensive warranty. For less money than a comprehensive insurance policy, you can get all of the coverage you need. It’s not only for components and bumpers; it covers everything from bumper to bumper. A CarShield warranty is more comprehensive than basic OEM coverage.

Car insurance is required for all drivers, whether they use the car a lot or not. CarShield insurance will include collision and comprehensive coverage in addition to property damage liability. It is also covered if you can demonstrate that your car, truck, SUV, or crossover has been maintained according to manufacturer recommendations. If your automobile has been altered, alert the CarShield representative.

The following section is a summary of the fundamentals of CarShield insurance:

  • CarShield Mileage Limit

For instance, a CarShield policy can help you get reimbursed for repairing your vehicle if it’s less than 100,000 miles old and has been damaged by accident. This is a very close race – and one that could go either way. They provide reasonable rates and outstanding service, but the fact that their high mileage coverage distinguishes them from the competition when it comes to used coverage makes them an industry leader.

  • CarShield Insurance

It’s not the same as automobile insurance because CarShield is more concerned with the applicant’s past medical issues than vehicle damage. Catastrophic events like this do not qualify for Catastrophe coverage, but they do safeguard you against common service issues caused by everyday usage.

  • CarShield Waiting Period

This coverage replaces the manufacturer’s warranty and extends up to $20 million in bodily damage. You have 20 days after purchasing a new car to submit a claim for coverage, plus when your vehicle is damaged, you can choose to protect yourself against the cost of all related repairs. If your automobile is worth less than $500 and 500 miles later, a policy meant to safeguard CarShield against a future repair the customer was aware of. During the sign-up procedure with CarShield, specialists may even take notes on your vehicle’s problems.

CarShield has plans for everything, ranging from emergency services to accident repairs. These plans include:

  • Aluminum

CarShield’s high-tech solution for luxury and performance automobiles is the CarShield High-Tech Guard System. It contains fundamental systems and high-tech components such as factory sensors, GPS, gauges, and instrument clusters.

  • Platinum

The best plan for drivers with many miles on their car is the Platinum version from ‘Auto-Owners.’ The plan covers every detail of your automobile’s systems, including the air conditioner, suspension, engine, steering, fuel pump, brakes, and more.

  • Diamond

This is similar to a new automobile maker’s warranty. Almost every mechanical and electrical component is covered except for a few items.

  • Silver

This kit includes everything you’ll need to get your vehicle rolling, including the engine, transmission, and drive axle. It also consists of a water pump, 4×4 transfer case, and turbocharger.

  • Motorcycles and ATV’s

Silver plans cover a vehicle and its luggage, while gold premiums protect the car in addition to any associated equipment. Owners of cars and ATVs may purchase gold or a silver-level policy for their vehicles.

  • Gold

This is a more detailed hybrid powertrain design. It incorporates components for 10 major automobile systems.

Endurance Coverage

Both CarShield and Endurance provide a variety of vehicle coverage options capable of surviving 200,000+ miles.

Endurance provides six types of coverage:

  • Supreme

This plan has a long list of exemptions and comprehensive bumper-to-bumper coverage with only a few exceptions.

  • Secure Plus

The select Plus plan includes the most comprehensive Basic coverage that Covers All Power Steering components. As a result, it is somewhat broader than the Secure plans and Select Premier, which only cover steering components.

  • Superior

The most comprehensive stated-component coverage, including the majority of car system components

  • Endurance Advantage

With three levels of coverage (Prime, Plus, and Preferred) available, it offers protection against mechanical failure and routine maintenance.

  • Select Premier

This plan is created for large-mileage automobiles, and it includes the engine, fuel delivery components, and electrical components.

  • Secure

This is the most basic and cost-effective endurance warranty available, covering the engine, transmission, and drivetrain.

Endurance provides the greatest compensation coverages in the sector. In addition, customers obtain roadside assistance, rental car coverage, and trip interruption insurance for the term of their agreement/contracts and for the first year after that. The Endurance Elite Membership program also gives drivers a discount on the cost of their membership. The following benefits are included in this program:

  • Personal concierge service
  • Key fob repair
  • Recovery services for stolen ID
  • Tires and rims replacement
  • $250 in shopping and entertainment vouchers will be given out.
  • Up to $5,000 in repairs and replacement financing may be available.



You may re-join the Endurance Elite Membership program for a fee after your first year of coverage

Benefit Endurance CarShield
Flat tire servicesIncluded
24/7 roadside assistanceIncluded
Jump startsIncluded
Total loss protectionIncluded
Tire replacementIncluded
Key fob repairIncluded
Lockout servicesIncluded
TowingFree within 25 miles$75 reimbursement
Trip interruption planUp to $150/day for 3 daysUp to $50/day for 3 days


CarShield vs. Endurance: Costs

To get which company provides the best deal in terms of coverage, we reached out to Endurance and CarShield.

CarShield’s Extended Warranty

The cost of CarShield plans ranges from $99 to around $129 per month, according to the quotations gathered by our researchers in our CarShield price guide. However, budgeting for approximately $100 per month is advised owing to discounts.

Customers should budget anywhere from $100 to $200 for deductibles and down payments. In general, these rates are among the most competitive in the market.

The expense of any guarantee coverage is determined by various variables, including the car’s maker and model, where you live, your driving history, and the coverage you require.


VehiclePlatinum cost per monthAluminum Platinum Diamond Silver Deductible
Honda Accord$129.99$129.99$129.99$129.99$129.99$100
Ford F-150$129.99$129.99$129.99$129.99$129.99$100
BMW X3$129.99$129.99$129.99$129.99$129.99$100
Toyota RAV$129.99$129.99$129.99$129.99$129.99$100


Carshield Extended Warranty Cost

The cost of any warranty is determined by several variables, including the type and extent of coverage required. The make, model, and mileage of your automobile and the degree of coverage all have an impact on the warranty fees.

Powertrain Warranty Cost

CarShield offers two payment options for their bumper-to-bumper protection to protect your vehicle.

The first option is a lower monthly cost with unlimited terms, while the other offers higher premiums if you are getting powertrain coverage on high mileage vehicles.

CarShield is more expensive than Endurance in the long run for both plans though endurance contracts may be cheaper overall. Suppose you want an even better deal on CarShield’s premium service. In that case, however, it also offers 18-month contracts with specified term limits and previously offered us quotes for the 2013 Dodge caravan, which would have been much cheaper at $78/month over 4 years compared to some competitor plans!

These contract periods are less costly, yet they don’t offer customers a chance to pay monthly. This means that customers will pay more upfront but save money by making fewer payments upfront until their contract expires or they choose to terminate it prematurely themselves.

 Monthly payment Cost Term length Deductible
Endurance$119/month$4,5305 years/ 50,000 miles$100


CarShield vs. Endurance: Exclusions 

Endurance Warranty Exclusions

Exclusionary and component are the two primary types of long-term automobile warranty coverage. A contract that excludes specific items is known as an exclusionary contract, and it usually applies to more than 1,000 components. On the other hand, component contracts are limited to covering repairs for those items specifically identified.

Various warranties exclude certain things. The following are some of the most frequent exclusions:

  • Damage caused by lack of maintenance or misuse
  • Titles or automobiles with tampered odometers that have been salvaged
  • Items that must be serviced regularly
  • Wear and tear on the components
  • Environmental harm

CarShield warranty Exclusions

The greatest extended automobile warranties are also limited in scope. The exclusions in CarShield policies are typical among nearly every extended warranty company.

CarShield Extended Warranty does not cover:

  • Modifications or changes to previously installed parts
  • Repairs that have been carried out without the approval of a CarShield claims representative
  • Damage caused by natural disasters, collisions, vandals, or neglectful upkeep
  • Brake pads and air filters, for example, are wear-and-tear components that deteriorate. Unfortunately, carShield policies do not cover them.


CarShield vs. Endurance Customer Reviews

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has not rated either Endurance or CarShield, but Endurance was better at the BBB’s viewpoint in terms of client feedback. The firm has an overall rating of 3.38 stars on BBB, CarShield however, it has a 1.45-star ranking. CarShield and Endurance, on the other hand, have excellent ratings from customers on review sites like Trustpilot, with 4.0 stars for CarShield and 4.4 for Endurance.

Customers who leave positive reviews of CarShield report that canceling the policy is simple and excellent customer service. However, negative evaluations cite concerns with advertising, such as nuisance phone calls and junk mail.

Customer evaluations on longevity and helpful customer service representatives offer insight into long-term client happiness. However, some customers have complained about receiving unsolicited mails and inconsistent customer service.

 Our verdict

CarShield has been in the industry for more than 14 years and is one of the leading providers of extended warranties. We’ve named them “Best Value” because they offer some of the low-priced monthly premium/payment options on the market, and you can purchase their service anywhere except California.

Endurance, a fast-growing company based out of Northbrook, Illinois, has been around since 2006 and provides great coverage and low prices. In addition, it offers extended warranties in every state except California.

Endurance is a direct provider of vehicle service contracts, which means they sell and administer their warranty contracts.

This makes it easier to file claims because you go directly to them for assistance instead of waiting on an insurance company or third-party administrator.

We’ve named them “Best Coverage.”