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      Chrysler extended warranty Falls into the category of the top 3 best automobile makers here in the US and Canada. The giant company began processing in 1925 and is still running up to these days. The company makes unique and luxury cars, sedans coupes and vans. There are other tons of models out here from which you can choose from. Chrysler extended car warranty is a roadster and performer thanks to the modern engineering skills and manpower invested in manufacturing these models. Chrysler however has gone down and reduced its volume of products. This has seen the company cutting down on the number of models it produces to only a few ones. They include; Chrysler 300, Pacifica, and voyager Minivans. Despite cutting down on the number of models produced, the company still runs and had maintained consistency in producing the above-named models. Most of these models come with the manufacturer’s warranty when purchased while new, however, after a given period, the warranty expires. The vehicle owner is now left with the entire responsibility of looking after the car. This will involve; Car Servicing and maintenance and repairs and replacements. All these require money to everything in order. Without a warranty, you are left to bare all that alone. The sweet deal about an extended warranty is that you will be freed from all the spending. With only a small deductible, you will still see your vehicle run all through and in good form for a long time. Extendfed warranties can be purchased form third party provider or the factory itself. Here are the top Chrysler extended warranty models to look up for in case you are looking to buy a vehicle; 2021, Chrysler 300. The 300 series was first introduced back in 2005. The series was a collective term that included mostly sedans. A large number of the 300’s usually come out of the factory doors fitted with a V-6 engine that are powerful enough to produce over 300 HP. The 8- speed transmission system cannot be left behind and plays a big role in engine power. There are also an upgrade version of the 300’s that come in V-8 engines that can produce over 400 HP and 394 lb/ft of torque. One downside thing about the V-6 powered one is the poor pick up speed from 0-60 which than 5 seconds and 6.3 just to be precise. However, the car still performs just right. This can be seen with its smooth steering that enhances handling and maneuvering in curvy roads. The suspension system is just rightly places and fixed in a position that endure the driver and passenger have a smooth trip no matter the conditions of the road. The interior of the base trim that is the Touring comes in slightly attractive features, however, the L-Touring comes in a more advanced and modernized systems. That is; Lumbar support, heated front seats, dual climate control system, leather steering wheel cover and seats as well as illuminated front and cup- holders. Now, we also have the downside of the Chrysler 300 used car warranty despite its good shape and look and performances. Here are the most common problems this model faces; 1.Stuck gear shift. 2.Rough shifting. 3.Poor electrical system and components that get faulty often. 2021 Pacifica. This is another model running through the roads globally with the Chrysler logo embedded on the front. Unlike the other Pacifica models, the 2021 model is a redefined and comes in a new style and it practical, comfortable and undeniably beautiful and attractive. Performance wise, this minivan is not that fats or stronger. Surprisingly, with only the front wheel drive, the vehicle has an insane pick-up speed of 6 seconds from 0-60. Comes in over 7 trims which have both hybrids and nonhybrids. The nonhybrid version comes fixed with a v-6 engine that can produce over 256 HP. The Hybrid version on the other side has lower horse power ratio of only 260. If you are a true lover of minivans then the 2021 Pacifica extended warranty  will surely carry you off. The interior is packed with sweet and appealing looks. A blend of mixed materials such as leathers, soft clothes, rubber, and soft plastic are both combined inside the interior to create an exquisite and luxury-like feeling. In the fuel efficiency test, the 2021 Pacifica extended warranty delivered amazing result by recording 31 mpg on city roads and 75 mpg on highway. This is an insane recorded and definitely makes the 2021 Pacifica a fuel-efficient vehicle. Here are the common reported problems; Now will all these goodies under one roof, why can t you just drive it with an extended warranty. This will make sure that the 2021 Pacifica will run smoothly and be in good shape for a longer period ahead. Choose wisely the provider you wish to purchase an extended warranty form and secure your investment.