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      Are you a first-time car owner or have already you do own a car? Well for those who already have cars then are quite familiar with extended warranties. For first-timers, this is the time now. Those who bought cars previously have always come across a request by one of the dealership staff of purchasing extra add-ons. These are extra amenities you can choose to buy but are not that necessary. However, there is one thing known as a deaf ear. See, when that brand new Citroen extended warranty comes out of the factory doors, it always comes with a warranty from the factory. Also, known as the manufacturer’s warranty, it is responsible for managing and financing any mechanical, workmanship, or material failures and problems on the car. Now, this type of warranty always has a period of usage after which it expires and becomes void. Remember, while it was still active, you were shielded from spending so much on getting the vehicle fixed and repaired, now that it has expired, you are the one entitled to taking charge of your expenses. Sometimes car repairs and replacements can be too high to manage on your own. You, therefore, need an extended warranty to come in place of the expired factory warranty. It plays a similar and continuous responsibility just like the factory warranty. Your brand-new Citroen used car warranty will need one after you purchase it. If you are in dire need of a car and not just a car but a reliable and friendly car then Citroen extended car warranty is the one you need to look for. This is a French automaker that is a pioneer in the automobile sector since its operations and production began as early as 1934. This brand is well known for making its simple and reliable vehicles that meet every criterion a first-time car owner is looking for. The features of the vehicles offered will carry you off plus the good rates for which the vehicles go. If your taste is particularly on hatchbacks then you are in the right space. Citroen’s extended warranty makes tons of hatchback models that come in different styles and performances. Apart from that, you will also have an option of choosing between; Vans, SUVs, Sedans, Wagons, Convertibles, and Coupes. Here are some of the models Citroen has on its plate; Citroen c3 As an everyday car, comfort, and efficiency as well as reliability as very necessary and key. This is what the C3 series has been considering ever since. The 2021 C3 however is slightly above the game when compared to other C3’s as it has been redefined and made in a different style and manner that just makes it stand for itself. This kind of model is one you can never get bored of if you are an everyday user. The level of comfort is just right and perfect. The models come in over 100 different colors from which you can choose what makes you happy. The Citroen C3 comes in both gasoline and diesel engine. The gasoline one has a 1.2-liter engine that can achieve up to 100 HP. The diesel 1.2-liter engine can only achieve 90 HP. This is not a performing car but rather a car that helps you with your day-to-day activities. In terms of fuel efficiency, the diesel version does best by achieving a total of over 65 mpg combined for both highway and city. The gasoline version does slightly lower than that by recording 50 mpg total. This 2021 Citroen is a fuel-friendly car. Considering the everyday hiking fuel prices, why choose another car over the Citroen C3. The Citroen C3 extended warranty has been reported to have common problems. Here are some;
      1. Engine misfiring.
      2. Reduced engine power on road.
      3. Bumper fitting problems.
      2021 Citroen C4  When driving the C4 models, there is one feeling you get that is common. The submissiveness of the C4 models is usually out of this world. The C4 2021 version is more docile than the rest of the other models. Thanks to the 1.2, 3-cylinder pure gasoline engine that makes the wheel move. That same engine has the ability to ability to make the vehicle pick from 0-60 in just 8 seconds. The suspension system is soft and smooth and offers a cushion-like feeling on rough roads and a smooth and comfortable braking experience. The interior of most C4 models is never that appealing and catchy, you will find poor material used to polish and furnish the interior that grease and scratch lovers. However, the C4 extended warranty has an advanced technological system with over 20 driver assistance features. The infotainment system is massive and has tons of services to offer. Cargo space is not that large but average in size. Common problems;
      1. Front footwell leaks.
      2. Stiff steering.
      3. Engine knocking.
      These problems should be a thing to worry you if you are planning on getting a Citroen C4 used car warranty one day. With an extended warranty, you are assured of securing your car against any mechanical damages. Go for that dream Citroen vehicle you wish to have and don’t leave behind an extended warranty.