Extended car warranties have made maintaining a vehicle much more straightforward and manageable. The immense role extended warranties play, especially after the factory warranty expires, is so much to describe. An extended warranty carries the day since it is such a strong and rigid shield against unforeseen damages and huge expenses accompanying them.

A vehicle is made in nature that depreciates in quality as time goes by. That includes; general appearance, interior comfort, and performance. As that happens, you will occasionally come across breakdowns on various parts within the vehicle. Some could be sudden and costly, while others are easy to get through.

Fortunately, once you have extended warranty coverage, you are good to go, and nothing coming your way can stop you. All your worries will be put aside; instead, save money and have plenty of peace of mind. Well, what about those driving hybrid or electric vehicles? Does an extended warranty cover hybrid batteries?

This is one question that many individuals need answers to.

Are hybrid batteries included in an extended warranty plan?

The globe is experiencing unforgiving climate changes that need a rapid response before things get out of control. One way of combatting the changing climate is by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and one major contributor to the sizeable Co2 accumulation in the atmosphere is automobiles.

This urge to cut the emission of toxic fumes has led to the “going green” movement. To see its reality, most automakers are now shifting to producing electric and hybrid vehicles, which have skyrocketed recently. Instead of using a powertrain system powered by gasoline a lot, hybrid models are now welcoming electric motors driven by huge batteries that need to be charged.

However, hybrid batteries won’t last for long; therefore, the functionality begins to degrade after using them for a while. Now the question that baffles many people is whether it is possible to cover the hybrid battery in extended warranty plans. Sadly, hybrid batteries cannot be included in extended warranty plans. Here is why;

Why can hybrid batteries not be included in an extended warranty?

Extended car warranties only cover parts that are expensive to repair and replace. That is, except for the wear and tear parts. Most extended warranty providers do not need to cover wear and tear pieces since they can be done quickly by the car owner.

Since a hybrid batter fails to be included in the extended warranty, it cannot get repaired. Once the functionality of a hybrid battery drops, the only way to salvage it is to replace it. Therefore, you cannot bank on an extended warranty plan if you want your hybrid battery covered from damages.

Other wear and tear parts excluded by an extended warranty include; Tires, brake pads, and clutch systems.

How to boost the life of a hybrid battery.

Hybrid batteries are the core parts in the hybrid system of a car since the battery is the one that powers the vehicle. Therefore, this part must always be in top shape and running smoothly. This will guarantee suburb performance all through for the longest time.

Unluckily, the battery will always begin to degrade in quality, affecting the overall performance of the hybrid system. It is estimated that hybrid vehicles begin to lose their battery life by 10 to 20 percent within the first 5 years of ownership.

Once the battery loses its life, the hybrid system won’t be such reliable as before. Once the battery degrades beyond the minimum energy, there is no way to resolve or repair it. The only solution remaining is to replace their entire hybrid battery. Unfortunately, most car extended warranty providers do not cover hybrid batteries.

Here are a few tips you can implement if you want to keep your hybrid battery in good shape all time for more prolonged use;

Regulate the temperature around the battery

Temperature is one factor that affects how batteries perform and behave. When cold kicks in, you are supposed to ensure your battery is always warm. Also, the battery does not work under scorching temperatures as well.

Brake and accelerate slowly.

Avoid slamming on brakes and accelerating fast since doing so increases the wear and tear on the battery. Eventually, the batter’s performance and life go down so quickly.


The need to go is one of the best moves to combat the current climate changes. There are now more EVs and hybrid vehicles compared to a couple of decades ago. If you are planning to purchase one, you are on the right track.

However, these vehicle does not make them immune to breakdowns. They will, at one point, break down, and one core part you must wish to get damages is the hybrid battery. It won’t get covered by most extended car warranty plans. That is so unfortunate. However, once you impellent the above measure, you can boost your battery’s life.