To go straight to the point, every vehicle owner needs an extended car warranty. You’re no different and shouldn’t be left out on all the benefits if you own a Honda Accord.

Getting a Honda Extended warranty will provide you a worry-free driving. In other words, you won’t be spending so much on your car repairs and replacements.

Although Honda Accord comes with itsfactory warranty, it’s annoyingly very short and would end quickly even before you know it. This is enough reason to get the extended car warranty.

Why you would need an extended car warranty

Yes, the Honda model of cars has one of the cheapest repair costs in the automobile industry. If it’s quite affordable, why do you need it ?

It’s almost as if accidents occur the most when our factory warranty ends. While this is true, you will need to have some sort of extra protection to provide coverage during this period.

You’re in luck because unlike most model and brand of cars, the Honda Accord has affordable extended warranty rates. In other words, an extended warranty For Nissan and any other expensive car you can think of would cost more to purchase an extended warranty.

You need an extended warranty for your Honda Accord because the issue of cost of repairs will never go away no matter how careful you think you are. Why spend extra cash on repairs when you can solely depend on your extended car warranty?

If someone who owns a BMW or a sports car can purchase an extended car warranty, how much you that the rate of extended warranty for Honda is on the friendly side.

Estimated Honda Repair cost

Here, we’ll give you an estimated cost for replacing Honda car parts. If you don’t have an active factory warranty or extended car warranty, you’re going to make payments for such repairs on your own.

Honda replacement partsEST cost of repair
Exhaust pipe$530-$570
Stabilizer bar link kit$80-$129
Heater core$1100-$2210
Camshaft position sensor$154-$200

What is covered in a Honda extended warranty

The actual term for Honda extended warranty is “Honda Care”. But regardless f the name it’s called, it still offers great coverage to Honda car owners. Both new and used cars are included in this coverage.

There are two main packages for Honda extended warranty namely;

  • Exclusionary extended warranty
  • Powertrain extended warranty

Exclusionary extended warranty

This package is accessible to both new and used cars within factory warranty. You can compare it to Honda’s Bumper-to-bumper warranty because it covers most components of the car. Although there are a few components exempted like door handles, car paints, brake drums, basic car maintenance, weather strips, etc.

Powertrain extended warranty

This package offers only used car extended warranty coverage. In other words, it is not available for new Honda vehicles.

Other benefits associated with Honda extended warranty

Apart from the original coverage offered, there are a few benefits that come with the Honda extended warranty.

  1. You’re allowed access to a six-day rental reimbursement while your vehicle is undergoing repair at the auto repair shop.
  • You get towing services in case your vehicle should break down on the road.
  • 24 hour road side assistance such as jump starts, trip interruptions, spare tire installation, etc.

If you want to save tons of cash from warranty coverage, we advice that you don’t just rely on the initial factory warranty. You can get great coverage with extended car warranty and still save tons of cash. It’s worth the investment if you asked us.