Do you own a car? I would like to know if you can have your tires fully secured and protected from unforeseen breakdowns. You may have been introduced to extended warranties. An extended warranty is an agreement signed by the car owner and the provider to protect the vehicle from any costly and surprise faults. This warranty always comes into action immediately once the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

As it’s the norm of all sorts of automobiles, breakdowns, faults and eventually stalling our destiny. At one point, your car’s brand-new and sleek feel will begin to fade. You will get welcomed by frequent faults that could turn out minor or worse. You have to get well prepared for that. However, once you choose to secure your car with an extended warranty, the entire process of car depreciation might be slower.

But what do extended warranties cover tires? This is one question posed by many car owners with the thought of understanding whether tires are included in an extended warranty plan. Glady, this article has all the answers to that question and recommended ways to implement and keep your tires in great form.

Do extended car warranties cover tires?

Car tires are one of the vital parts in a car that needs to be in tip-top shape for extreme performance. Unfortunately, tires never last as much as many would wish them to. Tires will run for a given duration until they begin to wear off. One noticeable change with worn-out tires is the fading away of tire threads and, thus minimal grip with the surface.

Many previous car owners can testify to all stated above and will mostly want a remedy for securing car tires. Sadly, tires don’t get covered by extended warranties. That leads to poor performance when speeding, gliding on slimy surfaces and, in some cases, torn bursts. No matter the kind of plan you secure for the car, tires will, at most, be excluded from the plans. But why?

Why tires cannot get covered by extended car warranties

Tires are considered wear-and-tear parts

Since tires are considered wear and tear parts, they tend to be excluded from most extended warranty plans because the car owners can fix them. Wear and tear parts can be fixed after a given duration of use, and hence no need to secure these parts in an extended warranty plan.

 That is one of the core reasons most extended warranty providers do not include tires in their coverage.

Other parts in a car included in the wear and tear list are the clutch, brakes, suspension, fuel pump, fuel pump, and battery.

However, not all extended warranty providers excluded the wear and tear parts. Several providers have unique plans that encompass even the wear and tear parts. Extended warranty providers such as Carchex and Endurance have reported offering plans inclusive of these wear-and-tear parts.

How to keep car tires in great shape

Since car tires keep the car in motion, they must be looked after keenly to ensure they are in great shape. Only by doing so will a vehicle achieve its performance to the latter. Therefore, several ways can be applied to ensure car tires are well looked after;

#1. Avoid overloading a vehicle

If you need to keep your tires for long without any glitches and faults coming your way, then one way is by regulating the amount of weight you carry. Weight is important not only to the tires but to the general structure of a vehicle. Once you decide to go higher and exceed the maximum threshold, you are in trouble. The suspension and tires will give in to the load and fail to perform better. You will likely experience several tire bursts or faster tire wear when ferrying huge loads.

#2. Regular tire inspection is mandatory

You have to learn to always check on your tires every single time before driving. Checking the tires will help you learn of any faults developing or any underlying issues that might be problematic. When doing checkups, ensure you observe the car tire pressures, the wear and rate and the general condition of the tires. Prior checkups have been reported to help avoid future calamities or unforeseen faults.


Are you looking to secure your car tires? Well, bear in mind that car tires are not covered in most extended warranty plans. That means some providers might do that, while most will omit tires.

Glady, there are ways to actualize and keep your tires in good form. Since tires are so core and vital, extra care and maintenance are very important.