Honda is a Japanese giant brand established in the 80s and of late has tremendously grown almost beating up other giants such as Chevrolet. This is because the company produces cars built for strong road endurance and long life. Honda produces different types of car models one being the Honda Civic. Just like any other car out there, these cars are prone to damage at any time and require regular repairs. Purchasing a new Honda Civic car comes with the manufacturer’s warranty meant to last for up to 5 years. Such a short period right?. What next after the 5 years are over? .The answer to that question is to get an extended warranty. Now another question comes in, is getting the extended warranty worth for the Honda civic?. The only solution to avoid future inconveniences with your Hondas civic is getting an extended warranty. An extended warranty is a policy taken that covers the expenses of the car’s repairs in case of damage or mechanical failure. Extended warranty can be sourced from the manufacturers or a warranty-providing company.

Honda Civic is a car like any other and can break down at times. Lacking an extended warranty for the car will pile problems into problems making the situation overwhelming. This article will show you why your Honda Civic car needs an extended warrant.

1.An extended warranty provides guaranteed protection.

 We all can’t deny the fact that the Honda Civic is the favorite model among many ever since 2000 and 2001 up to the latest models. However, like any other vehicle, the Honda Civic model be it new or used frequently develops problems that are frustrating indeed. The 2001 and 2000 model has had frequent transmission problems. The 2006 model has had heating issues and airbag failure. All these issues can be avoided in case you own or plan to own a Honda Civic model. Secure an extended warranty from any provider. The warranty contains different policy plans each covering for a specific part of the vehicle such as transmission, windshield, and wheels. An extended warranty is sure and guarantees protection for your car with all roadside assistance in worse situations.

2.Extended warranty increases the duration of car protection. If you just bought a new Honda Civic out there and dream of keeping it for a long period then it is better to get an extended warranty later in the future. The Honda care warranty duration is up to 8 years. Good drivers who love their cars will do what it takes to keep them as long as possible and that is by getting an extended warranty. The warranty will take over after the initial one is expired. Getting an extended car for the vehicle will enhance a smooth experience with the vehicle since it will always be protected at all times.

3.Increases resale or exchange value.

A well-maintained car always has a high chance of resale than a rusty unkempt one. After a certain period using your Honda Civic, one can decide to exchange or resale the car either to get a new model or a different brand. Getting an extended car warranty for the vehicle is very important especially if the factory’s warranty is over. The extended warranty will always keep your car in good form and shape until you decide to sell or exchange it. The warranty will serve as assurance to the new owner and increase its chances of being bought. This will also guarantee an extra tip for the price since the transfer of the warranty will be charged.

4.Extended warranty covers for exclusion made by Honda care.

Honda care is usually the original warranty from the manufacturer. But the warranty policy does not cover entirely the whole vehicle parts. Some parts are usually excluded from the warranty. This is when now you should get yourself an extended warranty to fill the gaps omitted by the manufacturer’s warranty. Some exclusions made by Honda care are; Engine parts, plugs, and accessories. Make it a habit to go through the warranty policy to know more about the coverage of the selected policy.

Conclusion. Honda Civic models are reliable and dependable machines but at times they break down. We don’t want to find ourselves parking on the roadside with hazards on confused not knowing where to start from. Getting an extended warranty will benefit you a lot from having a peaceful life to increasing the car’s life too.