Honda is one car manufacturer whose name just speaks for itself. The company is a Japanese giant which over the past couple of decades ago has taken over the western market in a huge storm. Honda puts in a blend of creativity and appealing design as well as quality engineering in its models. Any car stepping off the factory doors is nothing but a masterpiece. Consumer satisfaction is what the company strives to achieve at all times and this is driven but the stiff competition from other automobile makers out here. Honda has pushed its limit all over the world and its models can be spotted in almost any place on the globe. This is no surprise as the company also gives the American automobile makers a rough time.

 Two of the Honda models are doing incredibly well here in Canada. Current car owners are now switching to Honda while the first-time ones working hard to get one. We have the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord. This article will clear the air with a much-detailed comparison between the two.

Have you ever come across an extended warranty? To those who have no idea what an extended warranty is, well, it is an extension to the factory warranty. A factory warranty is a type of warranty that comes with automobiles and electrical components and is meant to cover costs and expenses resulting from any mechanical or electrical faults. New cars always come with a factory warranty. However, it does not always last long. You need to get an extension to the factory warranty and that is by getting an extended warranty.

Honda Civic.

Honda Civic is a medium sedan car whose production began in the 70s and has over the years grown tremendously. The first Honda Civic was a two-door coupe produced in 1972. The model has gone through numerous changes in form of design, engine capacity, infotainment, and so much more trends. The 2022 model is the latest model of the Honda Civic. The car is just exceptional. In terms of speed, performance, and reliability, this is the one that fits it all.

Honda Accord.

Another midsize sedan rocking the Canadian roads and taking over the roads at a steady and fast pace. Production began in 1976 and has picked up at an alarming rate up to these present days. Honda accord, just like Honda Civic is also a car to rely on in all aspects.

Now we have to look at the two cars in a different angle and that will be a face-to-face comparison. This will compare the two models in different aspects ranging from engine capacity and power, fuel efficiency, design and so much more.

Engine capacity and power.

The two models have put in a lot of effort in boosting the powertrain system. Starting with the Honda Civic. The base model comes with a 2.0,  4-cylinder engine able to generate over 160 HP. The higher trim of the Honda Civic comes slightly higher in terms of horsepower, producing over 180 HP and not forgetting that it is turbocharged.

The Honda Accord on the other side has amazing features on its plate. The base model comes with a surprising 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder engine giving out over 192 HP. That is insane considering that the top trim of the Honda Civic only goes up to 180 HP. The highest trim of the Honda comes in a 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder engine able to produce over 252 HP. Another cool feature of the Honda accord is the availability of a hybrid version.

This comparison, therefore, puts the Hondas Accord at a higher ranking in terms of engine capacity and power.

Fuel efficiency.

Fuel economy is one aspect is one thing that is always ignored by some first-time car owners. These two however show close ties when it comes to fuel economy. The 2021 Honda Civic has an average of 35MPG on the base trim and a slight drop to 26MPG on a much powerful engine. On the other side, the Honda Accord performs quite the same with an average of 34MPG for the base trim and 27MPG for the upgraded engine one. The fuel efficiency is almost the same and not that bad considering the hiking fuel prices.


In case you are after a brand-new car this year then the Honda Civic and Honda Accord are great options. These two cars offer the same features and are quite reliable and perform also incredibly well. The Honda Accord however is slightly above the Civic in terms of reliability, drivability, and fuel efficiency. Either way, the two cars are just as good duo and perfect as one would wish for. Do not forget to get an extended warranty after making a purchase.