Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is a Japanese well known manufacturer of motorcycles, and automobiles.  

You might think that the first 4-door sedan they built is the Accord but it actually is the air-cooled, gasoline-powered, 4-cylinder Honda 1300 in 1963. It was only later that Honda manufactured automobiles. They started with manufacturing motorcycles in 1955 and peaked their production in the 80s with about 3 million motorcycles.

Reasons why a Honda Accord is a Good Investment

1. The Accelerator Responds Quickly  

When it comes to accelerating, you won’t have any issues with a Honda Accord since it responds immediately. Although it takes a few seconds to go from 0-60 on the road but you don’t have to exert a lot of effort to move forward, you just have to slightly put your foot down on the accelerator.

2. You Get a Smooth and Comfortable Ride

Another great addition to why an Accord is a good investment is that it offers great comfort and an exceptionally smooth ride because of the multilink adaptive suspension embedded in Honda Accord’s technology. 

3. The Visibility You Get Is Outstanding

The manufacturers of the Honda Accord thought of the driver’s convenience when they designed the cabin. You get a great view from the slim roof and wide glass panes. Aside from the wide front view, you also don’t have to worry about blind spots and rearview since the vehicle is already installed with a rearview camera and a blind-spot monitoring system.

4. Offers A Massive Cargo Space

One of the common issues of a sedan is the lack of cargo space, but not with the Honda Accord. Even with all the seats are in position, there are still 16 cargo feet of space. 

Common Issues of a Honda Accord

1. Difficulty in Getting in and Out of the Car

When it comes to getting and out of the Honda Accord, it can be quite difficult since the seat design are positioned to be closer to the ground. Those

2. The Steering System Might Not Be Accurate

There is a big chance that you won’t be able to determine where the actual center is positioned, this means that the steering might come off as unnatural and inaccurate. 

Reasons why a Honda Civic is a Good Investment

1. The Parts and Materials are of Great Quality

Although the Honda Civic is not a luxury car, the parts and materials used in the vehicle are of great quality that which makes it look expensive. Even the interiors of the car and the seat design feel like it conforms to your body shape.  

2. Offers a High-Performing Engine

The turbo 1.5-L does a really good job when it comes to engine performance and fuel efficiency. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in just around six seconds which is much better compared to other sedans.

3. Provides Accurate Steering 

The steering and handling offer a natural and effortless feel to it and it’s very accurate. You’re sure to not have any problems when doing turns.  

Common Issues of a Honda Civic

1. Unresponsive Cruise Control

One of the disadvantages of a Honda Civic is the unresponsive cruise control. This becomes an inconvenience whenever you’re in stop-and-go traffic because the cruise control responds poorly. 

2. An Inconvenience Vehicle for Tall People

Because of the sloped roof design of the Honda Civic, it makes it very inconvenient for tall people to go in and out of the vehicle. A sloped roof means limiting the headspace from the door frame which will require tall people to duck down.

3. False Warning Signs

Another issue with a Honda Civic is the forward collision warning that is likely to give out false warnings. This is another issue that Honda Civic has that they try to improve on.

Key Take-Away

When it comes to choosing between a Honda Accord and a Honda Civic, the only thing that you need to figure out is which of the advantages appeals to you more and which disadvantage can be considered a pass for you. Make sure that you do your research properly before considering the purchase.