Whether you’ve just bought a used car or have had one for a certain period of time, its protection must be the most important thing. It’s always beneficial to know that in case of a breakdown, you don’t have to worry about the extra costs that you have to cover for the repairs. Therefore getting a used car warranty for your vehicle ensures that it’s protected at all times

It’s however important to know what a used car warranty entails, how to get it and how to make a claim for your used car and it’s all explained below;

What Is a Car Warranty?

A car warranty is typically meant to protect you by being a guarantee that you will not be required to pay most of the costs of the repairs of your used car in case of a breakdown

Used cars unlike new cars don’t all come with a warranty since some are sold as-is. And those that come with warranties are not as many as the new vehicles

Used Car Warranties Coverage

Used car warranties are different for each car and most basic used car warranties cover the transmission that may need lubrication and certain parts of the engine. This is because these are the parts that need regular maintenance thereby keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

Hence depending on factors such as your vehicle’s current condition, its age or your car’s mileage, there might be coverage for other parts like the brakes, internal electrical, steering wheel, suspension and more of the parts that may have wear or tear as time goes by. The types of used car warranties include;

Standard Used Car Warranties:

These warranties usually cover mechanical defects or any concerns that may affect the safety of your vehicle. They are based on time or distance either three years or 60,000 km. These are preferable for drivers who don’t travel that often hence low-mileage drivers or those that plan to trade-in before the time has expired

Service Used Car Warranties

These cover everything from brake pads to oil changes and they are usually reserved for new cars. However, some Certified Pre-Owned programs offer these service warranties for used cars

Limited Used Car Warranties

These typically last for a few months and they cover the costs of partial car maintenance or mechanical parts

Extended Used Car Warranties

These protect your vehicle longer than a basic warranty. Used cars may also come with extended car warranty and they provide peace of mind once the standard warranties expire. This is because it prevents you from having to worry about the costs of repairs in times of accidents hence creating peace of mind.

They may last between three to five years. These warranties can also be transferable which is good if you would like to sell your vehicle

Is an Extended Warranty for You?

An extended warranty is a great investment and you may be wondering if it’s for you and if it’s worth it. Despite its expensive costs, extended warranties cover costly repairs that you may not have otherwise have been able to pay at that moment

If your vehicle is unreliable, then an extended warranty is for you. Hence to know this, you have to look at your vehicle’s history.

To know whether an extended car warranty is for you, you have to look at what the warranty provider’s offer and since not every company offers the same benefits, you can expect the following;

Some of these warranties provide vehicle repairs that are aimed at protecting you from the costs of unexpected car repairs after an accident or repair. This is the main reason why people purchase extended warranties. This usually depends on the plan you subscribe to and you may have to pay a certain portion

Some used car warranty providers have tire and rim warranty that covers tire punctures, blow out or any rim related defects

Some extended warranties also cover rental car coverage that covers rental car reimbursement in case your vehicle needs to stay overnight in the shop. Because of unexpected repairs, you may have to leave your vehicle hence not having a car to move around with. However, this coverage is limited to five days and only in situations where the repairs are covered by the warranty

They may also cover roadside assistance in case you are stranded somewhere with your broken down vehicle. It covers the costs of towing to a repair shop. The plans may also include fuel, oil delivery or battery boost services among others

How to Make a Claim for Your Used Car

If you have a warranty on your used car, then you have to know what type of warranty it is, what it covers and how and whether you can make a claim. If you have an extended warranty on your used car, you have to know how to claim in case of a breakdown and if the claims have limits

Therefore if you suspect that your vehicle has a problem and it’s covered by your extended car warranty, then you need to get it diagnosed by an authorized repair facility or mechanic. Hence, you can contact your dealership and if you can’t at the moment, you may call your provider’s customer service to get help and enquire on your next step

Thereafter the mechanic diagnoses your problem and the service advisor then registers the problem with a claims adjustor. They will then let you know if the repair is covered in the policy or not and if there’s a portion that you will be required to pay. Most of the time, a deductible is required for every visit

Understanding your claim limits when it comes to an extended car warranty in Ontario is extremely important. Find out if those limits will be enough to cover the costs of repairs in case they are required. Hence it’s important to look at it from all angles to know what may be required to pay in the future

All in all, if you have a warranty on your used car, you have to know what it covers and if the issue you have can be covered therein. Hence, you can claim your used car warranty after an accident as long as your warranty provider’s cover it and in such circumstances, looking for a warranty that fits your needs is the perfect option to protect yourself in the long run