Japan is home to the two best and leading cars makers; Mazda and Honda. The two have been over the years considered best in American markets. There has been stiff competition and rivalry between these two companies to judge out which one is the most preferred. The two brands have been in existence for a very long time now. Both cars have their features compared to the other thus creating a difference in them despite having a more of a similar look. This article will dig deep through to determine the difference between these cars.

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Some factors will play as determinants in the battle between Honda and Mazda. Among them are; performance, safety, handling, Fuel economy, price, and many more.


 Safety is the number one priority that needs to be considered in a car. A safe car is a sure guarantee to the lives of the driver and the passengers. Safety is the number one determinant for the factor which everyone looks at before making a purchase. Both Mazda and Honda have taken safety as a deep concern to the extent of incorporating some amazing features in their models. Mazda however has put in a lot of effort and focus on the safety part beating its counterpart. Mazda’s I ACTIVSENSE is a safety feature that has been placed in its latest models. The features do amazing work from; Lane-keeping assistance, Lane departure warning, Smart breaking, Front lighting, rear traffic alert, and blind-spot monitoring. Honda on its side has fewer safety features compared to Mazda. Adaptive cruise control is what Honda’s ‘’Honda sensing’’ feature has.


When it comes to performance, both the Honda and Mazda perform incredibly well. There is a slight difference between the two with Honda doing fairly well more than Mazda. The latest Honda model which is the 2020 Honda CR-V comes, with a 1.4 liter 4 cylinder gasoline engine that is turbocharged. Then the engine looks small but produces an incredible amount of power of up to 190 horsepower. WE also have the hybrid version of the Honda CR-V which comes with a 212 horsepower engine. The braking system on the Honda CR-V IS quite something having four strong disks on all the wheels. On the other side, Mazda 2020 series CX-5 comes with a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine. The engine is big but does not produce enough horsepower as the Honda. It produces up to 187 only. In short, Honda is generally a good performer when it comes to powertrain compared to Mazda.

3. Drivability.

These two cars have almost similar features. They are both five-seater cars with arguably enough space inside the cabin. Honda has a slightly bigger cargo room than Mazda. Honda’s interior is nice and appealing. The finish and touches make the interior look classy. The nice faux wood finish and the chromed trim give the interior an executive feel. The infotainment system features more than 5 inches LED Screen depending on the car’s version together with other accessories. Mazda has impressive features too with the first keyless entry system and push-button to start the car. The interior is polished with fine material such as the fine carbon fiber trims to bring out that sporty feel. The interior is noise-free from the engine’s noise fixed with appealing infotainment features. Both cars have an inbuilt apple car play and android auto. Honda carries the day with its cool trims anyway. 

Conclusion. Choosing between Mazda and Honda in 2021 will depend mostly on what you as the driver are looking for in a car. If you want enough cargo and cabin space then go for Honda. Safety and excellent handling then Mazda is the way to go. However, Honda has a good reputation for its quality and good performance. Both cars are good anyway, it will only depend on what you want in a car. Before hitting the road after making your purchase, never forget to get an extended warranty. Yes, the two cars come with the factory’s warranty. Do not ignore the fact that the factory’s warranty is not a lifetime warranty. It will expire after a given period. Make sure you get an extended warranty for your car so that when the factory’s warranty expires, you won’t suffer from frequent and unexpected expenses.