Have you just purchased a plan that does not work for you or instead think of terminating a program because of other reasons? Well, you might be wondering if that is possible. In this article, we will talk about whether one can cancel a plan purchased from Carshield.

Many car owners are always convinced to purchase extended warranties by car dealerships while shopping for their dream cars. In most cases, some car buyers go for extended warranties without fully understanding what it entails and how to go with it. Then, later, one realizes that they need the coverage. Evey extended warranty provider has a way under which one follows to cancel the contract. Carshield is no exception.

What is an extended warranty in the first place?

It is the norm of many car dealerships to always lure new car owners into purchasing extra add-ons such as extended warranty. Many fall in for it and later realize they should have had prior information before jumping to conclusions. To begin with, you must first understand what an extended warranty is;

An extended warranty is a contract after an agreement between a car owner and the provider. The arrangement works in a manner that involves covering the vehicle’s mechanical faults and failures while the owners pay a monthly deductible. It can instead be referred to as an “extra insurance policy” in that case.

Remember, you can only begin to enjoy the benefits of an extended warranty if the manufacturer/ factory warranty is over. That is no less than 36,000 miles after purchasing the vehicle.

The procedure of contract cancellation.

If you feel you do not want your contract in place anymore, you cannot just wake up and cancel the contract. There is always a set guideline and protocol you must adhere to and observe so that you don’t find it challenging.

As stated earlier, the decision to cancel a contract comes with many reasons. You are going to see some of the reasons why some car owners choose to terminate their contracts;


This is one of the reasons why folks choose to discontinue their contracts. Every plan offered by Carshield always comes with a monthly deductible. However, you might find it hard to meet the deductibles plus other monthly expenses related to car maintenance. There is no way you can leave with that burden for long. Once one feels like the costs of their contract are becoming unbearable, they then opt to cancel their agreement with the provider.


Exclusion involves omitting or not including some parts of the car in the contract. Remember, Carshield has over six plans from which you can choose. Each plan has its components that are covered in the contract. But since there is always exclusion, that is because the plans do not cover all parts. Having an extended warranty policy that does not cover parts that often break down and are costly might be useless.


This arises when the dealership slips the extended warranty contract as part of your vehicle’s loan. You then realize that you are paying for an agreement you never agreed on with the dealership before driving off. Frustration kicks in, and one head straight forward to cancel such a contract.

Delayed usage.

Purchasing a brand-new car comes with a factory warranty. Depending on the vehicle’s make, the factory warranty can go up to 8 years. Remember, a factory warranty is no different from an extended warranty. They all play the same role. Now, will you be paying for an extended warranty and yet the factory warranty hasn’t depleted? Sounds ridiculous! That is why one is advised to purchase an extended warranty when the factory warranty is nearing expiry.

Extended warranty cancellation process.

To terminate your extended warranty contract by Carshield, you have to follow the following procedure;

1. Read through the policy about contract cancellation

Once you have agreed to purchase an extended warranty, you must inquire for a written piece of the document. Once you plan to terminate your contract, you first have to read through the procedure you have to use if you plan to end the contract.

2. Get in touch with the provider’s customer service and inform them.

After you have gone through the instructions, notify the dealership about it as well. You may be asked to submit your vehicle’s mileage and other details; the process of cancellation will now have begun.

3. Ensure you are speaking to the right person

To avoid being rotated around for no reason, always make sure you are in contact with the right person who can help you.

4. Keep an extra copy of the cancellation form

In case of future issues related to the contract, you will be a step ahead once you have an extra copy of the cancellation form.


Extended warranties are a great deal if you are looking to secure your vehicle from any unforeseen issues that become costly. The contract given to you is a form of security from any troubling problems that you may find unbearable. Therefore, it helps you through your car maintenance.

But now, you may reach a point and see no need to secure your vehicle with an extended warranty. That will depend on the reason behind doing so. If you have a Carshield contract with you, this article has all you have been looking for on contract cancellation.