Looking for a good deal on the extended car warranty?

An extended warranty keeps your car safe and keeps hassle-free for a long time. Covering all the expensive and non-expensive repairs/costs of your vehicle and giving you peace of mind.

But how to get a discount and the best deal available? Here are a few suggestions.


The key to getting the best deal out there is comparing different deals offered by multiple providers. Shop around as many providers as you can to see what services are available at what price. Contact at least two to three providers to get an idea of the rate going around and then choose the deal that suits your requirements and budget.

Negotiate the price of extended warranty after the purchase of the car.

Always ask for the extended warranty AFTER the price of your car is finalized. Do not let the dealership include the price of an extended warranty in the whole deal of car. They will charge more, and you won’t really notice because you are paying a considerable amount for the car, and you won’t even notice a small rip off in the extended warranty. The best time to negotiate the price of an extended warranty is after finalizing your car’s price and before signing the papers (if you are buying the extended warranty from the dealership). In this way, you will more room to understand and negotiate the extended warranty price in a better way.

Don’t be hasty in buying the extended warranty at the exact time of buying your car.

You shouldn’t get carried away by the pressure of buying the extended warranty as soon as you buy your car. Your car will be under factory warranty for the first 36 months or 36000 miles(whichever comes first), at least so you have that time to look for the options that you have. Consider buying the extended warranty from a third provider because they offer better deals at lowers costs.

Buy the extended car warranty separately from the car purchase.

If you buy the extended warranty with your car at the time of car purchase, its amount will be rolled into your auto loan, leading to higher interest rates. To avoid this, buy the car first, then buy the extended warranty separately. In this way, the price of a warranty won’t be included in your auto loan. Hence saving you money.

Ask for a discount.

Always ask for a discount. The provider will most probably never offer you one if you don’t ask for it. When you ask for a discount, they will offer you a small amount but keep asking for more until they refuse to give more. Then tell them that you will shop around for more options, then they will probably offer you one final deal. Then tell them that you will come back if someone else doesn’t offer you a better deal.

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