When it comes to looking for the best-extended car warranty for your Honda Accord, you must first find out the history of the car, the common issues, the type of coverage you need, the provider that you’re willing to purchase from.

In this article, we’re going to pin down how to get the best-extended car warranty for your Honda Accord.

Honda Accord History

Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is a well-known Japanese brand founded by an engineer name Honda Soichiro. It first started manufacturing motorcycles in 1949 and later on produced automobiles in 1963. 

One of the most popular fuel-efficient passenger vehicles is the Honda Accord model. Honda is one of the top exporters of Japanese vehicles in the United States and all over the globe.

Extended Car Warranty Providers

There are 2 different types of warranty provider which offers peace of mind from paying expensive repair and parts replacement for a vehicle.

Factory Warranty

The Honda Factory Warranty offers a promise to cover your vehicle for a couple of years against unexpected repairs and parts replacement. When the factory warranty expires, you have the option to buy an extended car warranty from the dealer or a third-party warranty. 

The only trouble with buying from the dealer is that you’re usually going to have to pay more. 

Third-Party Warranty Provider

Numerous third-party warranty providers offer warranty coverage for Honda vehicles. Among the best third-party providers for Honda are Carchex, Endurance, and CarShield. Usually, these providers not only offer powertrain coverage and bumper-to-bumper coverage but they also provide personalized plans with additional benefits such as roadside assistance, wear and tear coverage, and all the other parts not included in the Honda Factory Warranty.

How to Get the Best Extended Car Warranty for Honda Accord

To help you determine how to get the perfect coverage for your car, we’ve formulated 5 determinants for you.

1. The History of Your Car

One of the best ways to get the perfect coverage is to know the history of your car and the common issues that have been reported. You need to be able to know this since there are a lot of types of warranty plans that you need to consider. It’s good if you’re willing to pay for full coverage, this means not just the bumper-to-bumper coverage but a protection plan that will give full coverage. 

But if you’re like me who’s looking into saving more money, doing your diligent research will save you more money and be able to pay efficiently. Once you know the most common issues, you’ll be able to narrow down which coverage you should include in your plan.

2. The Location You Are In

Did you know that your location helps determine the price and coverage needed? Location plays a major role in determining your perfect coverage. IF you’re in a natural disaster-prone state or living somewhere with extreme weather conditions, then you should invest heavily in your warranty coverage. 

3. The Driving Habit

Do you like to burn rubber whenever you drive or do you prefer to cruise? Extended Car Warranty providers actually reward safe drivers that follow traffic rules to the tee and religiously maintains their cars. In fact, most providers give discounts to drivers that they know who takes care of their vehicles properly.

Coverage Plans for Your Honda Accord

The two most basic coverage plan is Powertrain Warranty and Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty. They both offer coverage plans for major car parts components like engine, chassis, transmission system, differential, axle, steering and braking system, and a lot more. 

The prices of each coverage depend on where you purchase the warranty and what is included in your protection plan. So when looking for warranty coverage for you, don’t forget to include key benefits like roadside assistance, supplementary parts, and sometimes a trip interruption benefit.

Key Take-Away

The key take-away for this article is that for you to be able to determine how to get the perfect extended car warranty for your Honda Accord, you must be able to do a lot of research. This will help you guarantee that what you’ll be paying for is worth every penny.