A vehicle’s engine comes with almost 30,00 individual parts. All these parts get linked together and play respective and collaborative roles. Bringing the engine to life. The engine comes divided into three parts to help get a clear understanding of these various parts forming up the machine. That is, the head, block, and the oil sump. In this context, we are going to focus on the head gasket and whether it is covered under warranty.

This engine component is located between the block and the head of the machine. Head gasket kind of separates these two different parts of an engine. It is one of the vital parts an engine can never do without.

What is a car warranty?

Warranty is no new vocabulary to anyone who has purchased anything new. That is because all new products come with a warranty offered by the factory warranty. It is a contract the factory provides to cover damages to the product within the given period as stipulated.

In this context, we are talking about a car warranty. This is a warranty that comes with any brand-new car. Like other products, this warranty covers damages to the vehicle that might be too expensive for you to manage. Most carmakers always attached a 3-year limited warranty and a 5-year powertrain warranty for their cars once out of the factory doors.

The 3-year limited warranty covers most parts within the vehicle leaving only the wear and tear parts aside. On the other side, the 5-year powertrain warranty covers the powertrain parts of the vehicle. You must understand that a vehicle’s powertrain parts are all involved in the real-time production of power and drivability of the vehicle.

Parts that form up the powertrain system include; Engine, Transmission, Axle, Suspension, and the Camshaft. Head gasket automatically gets covered in a warranty.

Why extend the car warranty?

Have you heard of an extended warranty? This is an extension to the factory warranty that is purchased once the factory warranty expires. The 3-year or 5-year contract with most factory warranties is never enough for those guys who think of keeping their vehicle for long.

Once the original one is due, you are now left to bear all maintenance burden. But now, imagine being faced with repair issues that come too costly to clear. This is where you will need help, which is possible only once you have purchased an extended warranty.

Extended warranties come available through dealerships and third-party providers. They come more extensive, affordable, and with many plans easily modified.

Roles of a head gasket.

The head gasket is one crucial part of an engine since it is responsible for sealing the combustion chamber and combustion part. The sealing by a head gasket to the combustion chamber helps prevent oil and coolant from escaping to other parts of the engine. Sealing is also essential in handling the extreme pressure and temperature within the combustion chamber.

Once the pressure and temperature are stable, the engine performs optimally. In addition, the head gasket also aid in controlling toxic emission formed out of combustion and directing them into the exhaust pipe.

Signs of blown head gasket

If there is one common issue with most head gaskets is “blowing .”The term “ blown” comes when the head gasket gets damaged due to engine activities. You have to understand that the head gasket is one part exposed to many harsh conditions. That is the extreme pressure and temperature from the combustion chambers.

Once the engine overheats and too much pressure builds up, it causes the cylinder and the engine block expand, thereby ripping off the head gasket.

Below are symptoms for a faulty or blown head gasket;

  • Engine overheating
  • Discolored oil (turns whitish or milky)
  • Low coolant levels
  • Bubbling in the coolant reservoir and the radiator.


The head gasket is an essential part of an engine that must always be up and running if you wish to see your vehicle going. However, due to the harsh environment, blowing of the head gasket happens so often.

Once you have a blown head gasket, your engine will become faulty. One thing you must be aware of is that any engine-related problem is costly to repair. That is why extended warranty and original warranty has included this part into their coverage to protect you from all that.