The powertrain system in a car is a composition of very vital and must-have parts in a car. Without these parts, a car is just rendered useless. Some of the powertrain parts include; Engine, Transmission, Camshaft, driveshaft, axle, suspension, and differential. These parts are used to push your vehicle or car forward. Amongst the named parts above, a car’s engine remains the most special and crucial part of a car even though they all play a collective responsibility. The engine can be compared to a human’s heart since it’s the core to the life of a car and where all the operations of a car begin from. The engine itself is made up of many components and parts screwed and nutted together.

Some of the common engine parts are; Engine block- This is like the center or core in the engine and is where power comes from, Oil pan, camshaft, crankshaft, pistons, cylinder, and the head gasket. In this article, we are going to base a lot on the head gasket and know if one can secure it with an extended car warranty. Taking about extended warranty, for those who have no clue whatsoever what an extended warranty is, it is an extension to the factory warranty and springs into action once the factory warranty expires. Factory warranties usually come along with a brand-new car that is fresh out of the factory. It is meant to shield and protect the car and the car owner. That is from unpredicted breakdowns caused by mechanical failures as well as unforeseen expenses.

Does extended warranty cover head gasket?

Extended warranties are meant to covers lots of parts in car ranging form those simple ones to the complex ones. When in context to the head gasket, an extended warranty covers this part to. It is not considered as a wear and tear part and therefore eligible for covering by an extended warranty. Wear and tear parts like brake line and clutch plates are not included in most extended warranty plans. For the head gasket, the best extended warranty plan would be the powertrain warranty. A powertrain warranty will not only cover the head gasket but the entire powertrain components. This plan is necessary since repairing and fixing most powertrain parts is usually very expensive.

How the head gasket works.

The engine produces its power through a series of internal combustions that involve fuel burning. These combustions take place inside the cylinders of an engine which houses the engine’s pistons that move up and down to compress the fuel and ignite it. The head gasket is located on top of the cylinder as well as the engine block. It works by acting as a shield or cover on top of the cylinders and the engine block. Its primary role is to seal these parts from the sealing of oil and coolants as well as seal the internal combustion from exposure to the outside. Now when pressure and heat build-up in the engine, the head gasket which is made up of material that cannot sustain such harsh conditions may reap.

This then results in oil spillage which is a vital liquid necessary for cooling down the engine a well as exposure of the cylinder thus no combustion will take place.

Head gasket repair prices.

The head gasket is one of the most complex parts that make up the power train and the engine in particular. Since its responsibility is considered vital, repairing and replacing one will be a run for your money. You need to be ready financially to handle any head gasket repairing since if a fault arises, your whole engine might get damaged too. Repairing a head gasket will cost you over $500. This will be spent on labor. Now, if the situation and damage is severe, you will need to have over $1,500 to get a replacement. This might even surpass the $2,000 margin depending on the car make.
You need to take this issue with a very serious approach and get it fixed immediately. However, this is not an issue matter since it costs a lot to repair or replace one. It’s one of the expensive car parts to repair and will reap off a huge chunk of your hard-earned cash. You need one thing to save you of that spending and that can only be an extended car warranty.
Here is how much providers charge for a powertrain plans.

$89.00 (moNthly)$100.00 (37 months)$176 (20 months)


Looking after and maintaining your car is never an easy task, not at all. Common breakdowns sometimes get to an irritative point and you may get frustrated spending your hard-earned cash on getting them fixed. Large repair expenses are also common especially for the complex and expensive parts such as the powertrain parts. An engine for instance needs hundreds of dollars to get fixed and or replaced. What if you are incapable of managing huge bills? Will you let your car stall and rot off in a junkyard? Waste no time and hurry to get that extended warranty for your head gasket’s sake. Ther are a number of third-party providers out here. We have;