Extended warranty has since time memorial received loads of backlash and non-true and baseless comments demeaning its worth. That has been far from the truth, and the information misled many. We’ve got Carshield as one of Canada’s many extended warranty providers. Once again, there have been fact-less claims that Carshield’s extended warranties are a ripoff.

This statement is wrong, considering how Carshield offers affordable and effective extended warranty plans. Having been established for over ten years, the company has maintained a steadfast spirit centered on ensuring that consumer needs are met. That revolves around ensuring enough extended warranty plans covering many car parts. On top of that, Carshield’s extended warranty plans are among the most consumer-friendly in terms of pricing and payment methods.

Therefore, Carshield, an extended warranty provider, charges only what is needed and ensures customers receive the best services.

How good is Carshield?

Since we’ve understood that Carshield isn’t a ripoff but, in fact, one of the best-extended warranty providers, let’s now dig and learn of the good sides of Carshield.

#1. Best extended warranty plan prices.

If you are looking for the best-extended warranty provider with friendly plan prices, then you need to consider Carshield. Carshield offers over six extended warranty plans you can choose from depending on your needs. These plans range from those covering significant car parts to minor ones. However, there is always an exception for parts that wear out over time, such as brake pads, clutch plates, tires, etc.

Carshield premium policies

Below are some of the extended warranty plans offered so you can invest in and secure the well-being of your car;

  • Diamond- This is the top-most extended warranty plan offered by Carshield. This plan covers most parts of the car and, funny enough, only lists the parts that are not included. These parts include the wear and tear parts and those that need regular maintenance. However, since this warranty plan has extensive coverage, expect the prices to be high compared to other plans.
  • Platinum- This is the second most extensive coverage plan and covers most parts of a car. The plan covers most of the powertrain parts, such as the engine, transmission system, drive axle, air conditioning system, starter, fuel pump, and water pump. The excellent part of the Platinum extended warranty plan is that it covers cars with high mileage, used and pre-owned cars, and any other vehicle whose factory warranty is nearing expiry.
  • Gold- Gold is an extended warranty by Carshield that primarily focuses on the powertrain parts in a car. That includes; Engine, transmission system, and drivetrain. Besides, Gold also comes with a few extra parts, such as the alternator, started, air conditioning system, and power windows.
  • Silver- Silver comes in after Gold and covers only the essential powertrain parts, including the engine, transmission, and water pump. In case you are looking for the most affordable powertrain coverage plan, Silver is the right one to go with.
  • Aluminum- Carshield has this unique extended warranty plan that mainly focuses on the electrical and computer-related faults within a car. The powertrain coverage isn’t included in the Aluminum coverage plans. Besides, the Aluminum extended warranty is perfect for any luxury vehicle with complex features.

#2. Carshield offers additional benefits.

Carshield ensures that all its customer enjoy coverage to the latter, and one way of doing so is by making extra additional benefits available. There are lots of extra benefits that customers enjoy when they have their cars secured by Carshield. Among them includes;

  • 24/7 roadside assistance- If you are wondering what would happen when your car breaks down in the middle of the road. Carshield has your back and offers immediate assistance even in worst-case scenarios. That involves fuel delivery in case your run out of gas, free towing, battery jump-start, and lockout services.
  • Rental car reimbursement- In some events, your car might break down so that a repair won’t be instant. In that case, Carshield offers a rental as you wait for your own to get in shape.
  • Trip interruption coverage- Besides the benefits above, Carshield goes a mile higher to bring in a limited reimbursement of food or even lodging fees. However, these benefits only apply to cars that break down or begin showing damage signs 100 miles from home.


Whether you are driving an old model car, a slightly used or a high mileage car, this is the perfect moment to seize the coverage opportunity. Carshield isn’t a ripoff but helps you cover your car from unforeseen damages at an affordable price. The amount one is likely to spend per month will depend on factors such as age, model, and car mileage.

These factors help determine how much what spends per month and also which type of extended warranty plan fits well for the customers. From the information above, we can clearly see that Carshield is the most effective and outshines most extended warranty providers.