Purchasing a car is one of the bold steps one makes when looking for an asset to invest in. In order to keep your asset alive and kicking for the longest time, you need to be extra cautious with how you treat the investment. A car will always break down at any given moments and as a car owner, you need to be on your toes all time to counter these popping problems. Some of the issues might be petty where you can easily handle them while others will cost an arm and a leg to repair or replace. To beat all the sudden breakdowns that tend to be costly pocket-wise, you need to secure an extended car warranty.

Carshield is among the companies here in Canada that offer extended warranties. The company has its grassroots back in the USA has been in the Canadian auto industry for now over a decade. Carshield has really worked on maintaining a positive reputation that has seen the its pulling a huge customer base. However, since the incorporation of extended car warranties, there has been a setback and a huge challenge especially on the worthiness of the providers. Carshield is no exception to that as it has also faced numerous allegations on its legitimacy.

Thankfully, this article will help clean out the air on this specific matter. Besides, any car owners are highly advised to secure an extended warranty plan of choice so as to combat any unforeseen breakdowns and damages to the car.

Reasons behind Carshield success

Calling Carshield a scam or rip-off would not apply since the company is one of the high accredited ones and very reputable. That has led to the provider being named among the top extended warranty provider here in Canada. As usually, many customers will always want to be associated to the nothing but the company with the best practices and services. Carshield it is! But what are the reasons backing the success of Carshied?

Check out the following reasons making the provider be one of the top trusted and liked extended warranty company?

Lower extended warranty rates

Incase you have been looking for the best extended warranty provider with the best rates, then Carshield is the one. The company offer among the most affordable extended warranty rates you can find in the extended warranty market. The rates of the extended warranty plans offered by Carshield range from the full prices of the policies, monthly payment and the deductible. In the context of extended warranties, deductibles are applied to help cut down on the cost of the damage. This payment is always under the hand of the car owner.

The rates of extended warranty plans offered by Carshield will vary depending on the type of car one is driving. Check out the examples of extended warranty plans offered by Carshield.

Vehicle typeType of planDurationDeductibleMonthly paymentDown payment
Subaru OutbackGoldUnlimited miles/ years$140$100One month
Honda CivicDiamond70,000 miles/ 5 years$110$100One month

From the table above, we can clearly note that the rates offered by Carshield are very flexible and affordable. With such an example, we can conclude that indeed the price rates per plan offered isn’t abnormal nor ridiculous.

Carshield offers plenty and extensive extended car warranty plans

Speaking of versatility, we can never fail to point out how much versatile Carshield extended warranties are. The company offers not or two plans but rather a wide scope of plans a customer can choose from. These plans range from the basic ones to the most complex and extensive ones. That gives a customer plenty of options to choose from that suits and meets their needs.

These plans are as follows;

  • Diamond- This is the top most extensive plan by Carshield and is known to only list the parts that are not covered. They include several wear and tear parts such as clutch and brakes.
  • Platinum- Follows next after Diamond and is the most preferred choice for cars with high mileage. The plans cover plenty of car parts ranging from the powertrain system, steering, fuel pump, steering and the AC system.
  • Gold- This is a higher version of plan that cover majority of powertrain parts.
  • Silver- Silver is a powertrain dedicated plans that also covers extra parts such as the turbocharger and the water pump.
  • Aluminum- Aluminum is a special plan that is created to cover luxury car and highly complex technological parts in a car.


Carshield is one among the most trusted and arguable the best extended warranty provider you can lean on. Trusting Carshield with your car be it still brand new or old isn’t something you can weigh on. The provider is one of the transparent and open in the industry with minimal reports on poor service provision or any other faults. Securing your car under Carshield is a bold and solid step you have to take fully confidence that your car will be on the right hands.

By so doing, you will have secured your investment from any unforeseen damages and of course find peace of mind. You can give Carshield a call and inquire for a free quote via +1-800-588-8501.