Used cars are now becoming a common thing and a sort of remedy when seeking to own a vehicle. Purchasing a used car isn’t viewed as low as previously. There are many reasons backing the choice of going for used cars. One key point is the cost of new cars. Currently, the cost of new cars has doubled for various reasons. Shortage of microchips due to previous pandemics have led to reduced production of new cars. As an effect, fewer new cars are available, and prices are way abnormal.

Used cars are now a resort to the high cost of new cars, probably due to other personal preferences. One priority when shopping for a used car is going for a car with top-notch performance. Given that most used cars have a reduced quality and value, there are most exposed to faults and breakdowns. That is why protection from sudden breakdowns has to come along.

Used car warranty.

Protection of a used car from unforeseen breakdowns is usually the number one factor you must consider. When shopping for a used car, either from a used car dealership or a private seller, always inquire whether the car is under warranty. Gladly, most dealerships dealing with certified pre-owned cars will put it clear if the car is warranted. A used car warranty will help deal with costly repairs and other maintenance issues that would be a burden when you resort to meeting them by yourself.

What is a 30-day warranty?

The real question and doubt that most fellas who are into used cars ask are whether one can get a 30-day warranty on used cars. The 30-warranty on used cars is the period one gets when they acquire a used car from dealerships. The period allows for a refund when a purchased used car develops issues. Besides that, when the car develops faults and defects within those 30 days, the dealership will be responsible for all the costs and related charges.

However, remember that the car should not have been driven for over 1,000 miles within those 30 days. That concludes that used cars come with a 30-day warranty which can be used to replace cars or repair parts that have defected. Sadly, the 30-day warranty only applies to cars purchased from dealers. The case of used purchased directly from the seller is different.

In that case, a customer is advised to go for an extended warranty.

Extended car warranty.

Extended warranty has for a long time been demeaned and seen unworthy. However, that is never the real truth. This type of warranty is so important to the car and the owner. Therefore, the thought of extended car warranty being seen as nothing worthwhile must be done away with. Extended warranties are so critical that you must never do without them.

See, once the factory warranty expires, you will not enjoy the benefits you previously got access to. The only working solution that saves you big is investing in an extended warranty. An extended warranty works more the same as the factory warranty, only that it’s more extensive and has different flexible plans. Did you know about the 30-day waiting period once you purchase an extended warranty?

30-day waiting period for extended warranties.

Extended warranty companies come with a 30-day waiting period which is a grace period or window. This period is specifically meant to give the customer time to consider the decision on whether the plan is working well or not. During this period, a customer cannot make a claim in an event when a fault happens. Only once this period is over can the company act upon a claim. The time given lasts up to 30 days once the extended warranty is active. Besides, you cannot get coverage when you’ve driven over 1,000 miles during this waiting period.

Why your used car needs extended warranty coverage?

Try an extended warranty if you are dying so much to get your car covered and protected from any unprecedented issues. There are lots of benefits that come with some listed below.

Saves money.

Extended warranties come into aid when you are caught up in a fault that needs much money, way more than you can manage. For instance, when you cover your powertrain parts using the powertrain warranty, all you need to pay is a deductible of not less than $100.

Peace of mind

If you are struggling with car maintenance, an extended warranty will make things work out easily for you. Extensive warranty plans keep your car in top shape and eliminate any worries.


A 30-day window for dealers offering warranties for used cars is so important. During this period, you can reconsider your decision to get an extended warranty. You can walk out if you feel like the warranty isn’t working out well.

Besides that, you can choose to acquire a car warranty from third-party dealers. Many dealers are out here ready to offer maximum coverage to your car. Unlike warranties from dealers, those from third-party dealers only have a 30-day waiting period. This period works almost like a 30-day warranty; only that one cannot get coverage unless the period ends.