If you have been a car owner for quite some time now, the Vroom shouldn’t be anything new to you. Vroom is a huge platform here in North America that deals with purchasing and reselling vehicles. On this site, car owners can choose to post their vehicles for sale, and prospective buyers come and buy them. Vroom is just a car dealership website that has made shopping for vehicles easy and swift. There are all sorts and types of cars for sale, ranging from used ones to almost-new ones.

Do you know that Vroom always offers extended car warranties to the vehicles sold? When purchasing a brand new or used vehicle, you are likely to be presented with extra add-ons. These are additional amenities that car with the vehicle but at a fee. One of the standard amenities is the extended car warranty. In other words, this service goes by the name of Vroom protect.

This vehicle protection service is optional and can be purchased by the buyer at will. What this service does is protect your vehicle from unforeseen and surprise damages and breakdowns that could turn out to be expensive to manage. Therefore, instead of you meeting all the costs, it happens vice versa where the Vroom extended warranty provider handles the bills.

Why Vroom extended warranty?

But now the real deal comes in when this question pops in. Is Vroom’s extended warranty worth it? Vroom Extended warranty has, since the beginning, dealt with numerous blows and shrugs. That is because many car owners do not see the potential and need for having one. But are where they wrong or perhaps right?

Well, practically, an extended car warranty is a great deal in car ownership. In this context, we are zooming down on extended warranties by Vroom. Read on!

Saves money.

The Vroom extended warranty is essential when looking for a way to save money. That is because cars are always costly when it comes to maintaining them. You will likely spend so much money trying to keep your vehicle good in the event of a breakdown.

Research shows that a car owner will likely spend over $2,000 on repairs and servicing annually. Now imagine owning a vehicle that breaks down so frequently. You will end up spending way more than you can imagine. Now, the Vroom extended warranty comes in at the perfect time. Within the stipulated period of the warranty, you will not spend much on repair and replacement. All you’ve got to do is forward a claim and pay a $50 deductible, and you are good to go.

For instance, if your vehicle has a problem with the powertrain system, you will only pay a deductible and all other costs met by Vroom. You save a considerable amount of cash and keep it for other purposes.

Extra benefits

The Vroom extended warranty comes with other extra benefits that you enjoy. The same applies even to other extended warranty providers. These benefits include;

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Free towing
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Lock-out assistance

These benefits are life-saving and will be helpful when a disaster strikes you in a place far from help. Besides, these benefits last for over a year and are applied no matter who drives the vehicle.

Keep the vehicle in good shape.

Once again, maintaining a vehicle and keeping it in good shape for the longest time is no easy feat. Cars are very demanding and need full-time care and protection. As vehicles’ nature, they will always depreciate as time goes by. Therefore, problems and breakdowns begin to come in more frequently.

However, the good news is that extended warranties will help keep your vehicle in great form. That is seen when the car breaks down, and the extended warranty comes in to aid with the expenses. Managing doing that by yourself can be challenging and sometimes almost impossible. In some extreme cases, vehicles end up stalling completely. But once an extended warranty from Vroom covers your car, you will be good to go.


Vroom has all the goodies you are looking for in one plate. Vroom has made purchasing and selling vehicles so much easy and fast. Instead of walking around and looking for car dealerships, the service has been at your doorstep. You only need to sign up on the website and check out the market for used vehicles and almost-new ones.

As if that is not enough, Vroom has gone the extra mile by making it possible to cover your vehicle from costly and unforeseen breakdowns. That is through the vehicle protection service, the Vroom extended car warranty.