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      Nissan Altima Extended Warranty

      The Nissan Altima is a model by Nissan that kick-started production in 1992. The Nissan Altima’s birth was after the Nissan Bluebird line series halted, which had be there since 1959. Production of the Nissan Altima is still ongoing up to date.

      One feature that all Nissan Altima models embrace is the bold and sharp look that comes with the model. The design that comes with the model is so unique and out of the ordinary, giving its counterparts a hard time. It is so different from any other sedans, hence the positive reputation and great love from Nissan enthusiasts.

      Every Nissan model fresh from the factory doors always comes with a 3-year limited factory warranty and a 5-year powertrain limited warranty. The factory warranty comes in the event of mechanical and electrical damage to the car. You must file a claim with designated service and repair centres, and everything else gets fixed.

      But now that factory warranty always has a very short span. The 5 or 3 years is not enough to cover you if you plan to keep your Nissan Altima past that period. On top of that, the factory warranty is not very flexible and extensive. The coverage you get is not sufficient to cover all you need. Gladly, you can purchase an extension to the factory warranty that comes as an “extended car warranty”.

      Check out these common car issues of the Nissan Altima models and their estimated repair cost.

      Car partEstimated repair cost
      Suspension$200- $1,000
      Electrical components$150- $650
      Fuel pump$300
      Transmission system$1,000- $5,000
      Oil filter$120- $500

      The table above can make you think twice before choosing a Nissan Altima. However, there is no need to panic. Once you have a Nissan Altima extended warranty, you will be on the safest side. Extended warranty coverage is very extensive, flexible and comes with minimal exclusion. There are hundreds of extended warranty providers, all with different and varying plans, costs, duration and extra benefits. That is what your Nissan Altima needs.

      2014 Nissan Altima.

      Before 2014, Nissan Altima models came with a coupe design that got later redesigned into the sedan style. The 2014 Nissan Altima boast quite a several compelling features. With over seven trims, the buyer has a large list to sample from and pick a trim of their choice. All the trims come with different specs and features.

      Under the hood of the basic trims, you get a 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engine. This engine does not have a great power output, having recorded over 182 horsepower. Thankfully, if you are after engine power, you can choose top-level trims with a 3.5liter V-6 engine that produces over 270 horsepower.

      All trims come linked to a continuously variable transmission system. The interior of the Nissan Altima comes pimped with top-notch accessories that are technologically advanced. The controls are easy to reach, not forgetting the huge cabin space with enough head and leg room.

      Common issues

      • Failed engine ignition
      • Poor engine seals leading to oil leaks
      • Crankshaft problems
      • Suspension noises

      The Nissan Altima 2014 series has been reported to show a lot of powertrain-related issues. As we know, powertrain parts are the most expensive parts to repair and replace in a car. You have to be financially well to get the issues dealt with. However, with a Nissan Altima powertrain extended warranty, you are guaranteed protection from any of those.

      2017 Nissan Altima.

      The mid-sized sedan is available in over seven trims and five-passenger seaters. The distinctive exterior look is one feature that distinguishes the Nissan Altima since it is unique. The bold and sharp look of the exterior brings out a “ready” vibe that is indeed a true reflection of what the model is.

      You can get the basic trim that comes in a 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engine or a 3.5-litre V-6 engine. On top of that, a CVT transmission system comes in handy and is very responsive even on the slightest press on the gas pedal.

      Common problems.

      • Suspension system failure.
      • Engine noise
      • Ignition failure
      • Fuel injector problems

      A 2017 Nissan Altima extended warranty s exactly what you need to combat the problems above. Any costly and sudden repairs won’t be a thing to worry you once you get an extended warranty.


      Are you looking for a cool sedan that performs nice and is quality made? Well, the entire article talks about the Nissan Altima. The model is one of a kind and comes with appealing features that any person might be after in a sedan.

      But once you’ve purchased one, problems begin to swing in. The situation now turns sombre with frustration kicking once, especially if the car is problematic. Fortunately, an extended warranty is there. All you need is to buy one that will protect your Nissan Altima from any unforeseen issues.