Ford is one of the most reputable and famous automobile companies. The giant car maker is based in the USA and has been topped as the world’s best car maker for so long. One thing contributing to the undisputed reputation garnered so far is the quality of Ford models. Ford ensures all its models perform as described and last for the longest time, given proper maintenance. However, the carmaker bears in mind that faults and breakdowns are inevitable at the end of the day.

Some might be costly to fix, while others walk in the park. But for extra protection against these faults in workmanship, brand new Ford models come with a three years/30,000 miles warranty. This warranty covers repair costs that come when the cover parts get faulty. But now, what bothers many car owners is what if they want to keep their cars past the expiry dates of the factory warranties? Remember, once the factory warranty expires, there is no way to revive it.

The only remedy that can salvage you from the burden due to maintenance is by purchasing an extended Ford warranty. This warranty gets acquired through registered Ford dealerships or third-party dealers. The extended Ford warranty comes in various plans that cover respective parts within the car. Sadly, extended warranties have received a lot of backlash for a while, with some claiming that they are not worth it. To some extent, most car buyers can only purchase a plan when presented with a quote.

The backlash is just a bunch of factless words meant to taint the name of extended warranty. Here is why your Ford needs that Ford extended warranty so much;

#1. Saves money

The fact that extended warranties save money can by no way be doubted. That is because extended warranties are true saves of money that would instead be directed into fixing the costly repairs. For instance, Ford’s powertrain is usually the most expensive part to maintain. However, once you have the powertrain extended warranty Ford secured, you won’t be affected by the substantial repair bills. All you will pay is a small deductible depending on the provider you go for.

By so doing, the Ford extended warranty will shield you from draining your wallet and, more so, if the case is severe. In return, you save a lot and divert the money intended for maintenance to another purpose. Those car owners who are low-income earners can testify that a Ford extended warranty is worth trying.

#2. Keep your Ford vehicle in crisp form

If you wish to see your Ford model drive and feel as new for the longest time possible, then be ready to do the following. You must ensure your car and protection routine are always never missed. That included routine checkups, cleaning the car and incorporating good driving habits. Secondly and most importantly is securing a Ford warranty extended plan. This plan keeps your Ford vehicle checked more than you can imagine. If your Ford falls into a breakdown, the warranty has sorted you. Therefore, there won’t be a reason for your Ford vehicle will stall or sound and feel ragged when covered.

#3. Peace of mind

Our human brains are made in a way that things around us interfere with our comfort and affect us so badly. One thing that can ruin your beautiful day is a car breakdown when heading to a job, running errands or just road-tripping. The frustration that comes along is massive and affects our minds negatively. That is why you need a Ford extended warranty coverage. You won’t need to worry more about your car failures when secured. Since you get only to make that one phone call, and things get fixed on the other end.

Extended warranty providers.

Below is a table showing the various companies you can secure a third-party extended warranty coverage for your Ford vehicle.

Extended Warranty ProvidersCar shieldEnduranceProtectmycarConcord
Cost$99 to $129$3,000 total price ($550 per year)$2,500 to $4,000$2,500
Types of plans offered.Diamond, Platinum, and SilverSupreme, Superior, Secure, and AdvantageSupreme, Select, and DrivelinePremium, Advanced, and Powertrain

If you need the best Ford extended warranty coverage experience, trying out extended warranty plans offered by third-party vendors is a must-do thing.


Are you planning on shopping for a brand-new or used car in 2023? Well, I bet you need an extended Ford warranty as well. This warranty will be vital in ensuring you get the best experience with your Ford all through your ownership period. You will also save a ton of cash that would instead be spent on repairs and replacements that could turn out costly.

This is the perfect time to invest in a Ford extended warranty and enjoy the fantastic benefits of the latter.