Are you currently shopping for a Volvo or planning to purchase one soon? Well, then, you might have just made the perfect decision. Unlike most other vehicles, Volvo has one unique feature that other models do not offer. Volvo models are among the safest cars on the planet right now. Volvo models come with unique designs, unmatched interior and exterior looks, and robust and reliable powertrain systems.

Unfortunately, there comes a time when the new feel and touch fade away. Problems begin to kick in, and the vehicle starts to break down. Like any other car, Volvo models are not made immune to any breakdowns or damages. Therefore, the owner gets entitled to all the fixes and replacements that will need money.

Since the manufacturer wants to cushion you from all the pressure, the Volvo model comes with a 50,000 miles factory warranty. This warranty covers the vehicle from mechanical or electrical faults to the covered parts. Sadly, 50,000 miles is so little and might be a short-lived excitement to those who plan on keeping their vehicles for a long.

That is why an extension to the factory warranty comes as a Volvo extended warranty!

Volvo extended warranty Coverage.

Once the factory warranty expires, the burden of paying for fixes and breakdowns comes to you now. It is never going to be easy as you think, and that is why you get the option of purchasing an extended warranty. It extends the already expired factory warranty and plays a similar role.

Now, there are two options when looking for an extended Volvo warranty;

1.   Volvo extended warranty from the manufacturer

Volvo offers extended warranties to their customer once the 50,000 miles is done to foster protection from sudden breakdowns. The extended warranty from Volvo comes in Vehicle Increased Protection, customized depending on how many parts the customer needs coverage from.

Reasons for damages resulting from fires, floods, negligence, ignorance, or any other natural disaster don’t get covered. Volvo’s unique extended warranty comes in three different plans;

  • Gold- This plan offers significant coverage on powertrain parts on a vehicle and other parts such as suspension, electrical accessories, cooling, and steering system.
  • Platinum- Platinum is the most extensive and covers many vehicle parts. The only parts excluded by this plan are the wear and tear parts.
  • Powertrain- Coverage plans that cover powertrain parts alone. They include; Engine, transmission system, and drivetrain system.

Volvo extended warranty cost.

Are you baffled by the question related to Volvo’s extended warranty cost? Here is a breakdown of how much you are likely to pay for a Volvo extended warranty. Well, there is no fixed price for a Volvo extended warranty plan since that depends on the types of parts you need to be covered in the plan.

However, for all the plans above, you need to be prepared to pay from $0 to $250 as a deductible in an event when making a claim. Also, if you are using a certified Volvo, the maximum you can pay as a deductible is $200. You can choose to get Volvo extended warranty from recognized Volvo dealerships.

2.   Extended warranty from Third-party dealers

When looking to cover your Volvo with an extended Volvo warranty, you are not only limited to getting it from a Volvo dealership. There is an option to purchase an extended warranty from third-party providers. Currently, there are many reputable providers, and we fall among the best you can trust.

Here are reasons why you must try purchasing a Volvo extended warranty from third-party dealers;


An extended warranty from third-party dealers comes cheaper, unlike Volvo dealerships. The stiff competition between third-party counterparts makes getting plans with a lowered price possible.

Extensive coverage

Plans from third-party dealers are always more prolonged and more extensive. That guarantees your vehicle protection for a long er period and covers many parts at a go.

Extra benefits

Extended Volvo warranty from third party dealers comes with extra perks. They include; 24/7 roadside assistance, trip interruption, and free towing.


You are advised to invest in a Volvo extended warranty wholeheartedly. This is one venture you will not lament or regret in the future. Instead, you will have secured your Volvo and gotten rid of any unforeseen problems that may come in the future.

Now, whether a Volvo extended warranty is worth it shouldn’t be there anymore. Once you secure a plan for your Volvo, then all your troubles and worries will be a thing of the past. An extended warranty will keep your vehicle running all through in to the future will almost zero disturbances.