Insurance is not a new word to anyone who owns a vehicle. Vehicle insurance is one of the greatest inventions ever created to cater to vehicles. The insurance helps one beat any costs that come as a result of unavoidable catastrophes. That involves natural catastrophes such as floods and accidents. Once your vehicle reports a problem related to the issues insured it is entitled to coverage by the insurance provider.

This type of vehicle, protection has been on and been in place for a very long time. Previously, one had to contact the insurer through emails and makes calls to make a claim. This method was too tiresome and took a lot procedures and steps before a thorough action was done. Fortunately, insurance companies took a sharp turn and began digitization of their services.

With the increasing number of mobile phone users each day, the move of shifting most services via mobiles has bored fruits. Currently, this is the trend with most insurance providers and that has been made possible with the introduction of the mobile app insurance mobile apps. However, using mobile phones to reach customers and convey services comes with its consequences. Ranging from good, average, and worse.

Pros of using mobile app insurance services

Simple and fast claiming process

Nothing is boring as dealing with stressful customer care guys, lots of papers works and more hassles before getting your claimers processed. From the beginning of time, getting insurance claims processed has always been such a huge task and mountain to climb. Some folks have been reported to give up with the stress and hardship that comes when trying to get their vehicles salvaged.

Insurance mobiles apps are gamers changers. The transfer of most services to mobile apps has made the claiming process too fast and easier. The papers work previously involved have been done away with reducing the time spent to get a claim process. The process has now been simplified to a very efficient and super-fast procedure. One now only has to take a picture of the damaged parts insured, brief information including the price, and send the details to the insurance provider.

Instant quotes with a quick deal

If you looking to inquire for quotes and probably purchase the desired plan, then doing so through mobile apps is the best and ideal way. Mobile insurance apps have made the inquiry of quotes so easy since it’s the first thing one sees when using the apps. Secondly, the process of finalizing a deal is so fast and smooth making the entire process so convenient.

Improved customer services and engagement

Using an insurance mobile app is so efficient thanks to the interaction between the users and the company. A customer can now have a live interaction with the insurance provider’s customer care. This has fostered a quick solution in case problems arise since the customer care services are easy to reach.

Quick access to policy details

In case you are looking for a reference to a policy by the insurance providers, then you quickly do so by using mobile app insurance. This can get handy when you are having a difficult time trying to find out what is covered on your contract and what is not. That clears the barrier of calling the provider inquiring about your details.


The poor mobile app interface

There are some mobile apps out there that are completely bogus. That first begins with the interface. Some apps are poorly made hence making it hard for a customer to maneuver through while trying to use them.

In some instances, you might find some services by the provider missing or omitted, or rather the applications hang and have lots of flaws. That might pose a challenge to most users who will always prefer going for a provider with a super-smooth and seamless mobile app.

Ugly side

Privacy concerns

Some of these insurance applications do not protect a consumer’s privacy. They are made in a manner that collects information related to driving, your location, and other private data you might not want exposure to. The insurer now uses this data to regulate your insurance premiums which happen without your consent.


For the last 15 years, a lot of changes have been going around within the insurance industry. One notable change is the introduction of mobile insurance applications. Most insurance providers opted for this user-based or self-service due to several reasons that have been stated above. Insurers providers on their side resorted to the growing number of mobile phone users and the need to grow a huge customer scale.

However, as previously stated, that comes with tons of effects and or results. This article has clearly shown the good side, the bad one, and the most-ugly side of that measure.