After you buy your car from the dealer shop, you leave the building with a factory warranty and your new or used car. For Ford Escape, you get a 3-year warranty as well as 36,000 miles. 

Although this is usually the amount of coverage you get for most cars, users complain about how small the number of years it offers. This is one of the reasons why people buy an extended car warranty. This warranty kicks off immediately after your factory warranty expires. 

In this posting, we’re going to give you a comprehensive summary of what is included in most SUVs’ extended warranty, with Ford Escape as our area of concentration. 

Should I get the extended warranty for ford?

Are you indecisive on whether or not to get an extended car warranty, here’s what you should know before making that major decision? 

Extended car warranties are lifesavers. And getting one for your Ford basically gives you the opportunity to save a lot of money from car repairs you would have initially spent if you don’t have an extended warranty. 

This way you only get to make a one-time payment called a deductible, annually or monthly whichever you decide to go for, rather than paying the whole bill for repairs and replacement each time your car is damaged. 

Getting the extended warranty as a backup plan gives you peace of mind. With this, you’re even at a lower risk of having an accident or damage because you’re not getting yourself worked up about how expensive repairs can be. If you can’t pay the bills to repair yourself on a normal basis, getting an extended car warranty for your ford is the best bet. 

What does the Ford extended warranty cover?

Firstly, Ford extended warranties can also be called Ford to protect Extended Service Plans. These plans are divided into four parts, namely;

  • Premium Care
  • Extra Care
  • Base Care
  • Powertrain Care

Premium Care extended warranty

this plan offers the highest amount of coverage for Ford vehicles. Users as well as warranty providers have made it clear that this plan is the only Ford extended warranty plan that covers the Powertrain Module including several other components. 

The Premium Care warranty package covers brakes, engines, high tech, electrical, air conditioning and heating, audio, and safety components. The plan offers full coverage to all the above components. If you’re looking for a bigger coverage for your Ford vehicle. 

Extra Care extended warranty

This extended warranty package offers coverage for 113 components with inclusive partial coverage for front and rear-wheel drive, transmission, engine, electrical components, air conditioning and heating, front suspension, and full coverage for the steering and braking system. 

Some components like emission, audio, safety, rear suspension, and the powertrain control module are excluded from this package. 

Base Care extended warranty

This warranty package covers 88 components, containing the powertrain and a few other components such as air conditioning and heating, steering, brakes, front suspension, etc. 

This package covers a limited amount of engine components as well. 

Powertrain Care extended warranty

This is the lowest kind of warranty coverage offered in the ford extended warranty option. It offers coverage to 29 components as well as partial coverage to a few engine components, rear-wheel drive, and the front-wheel drive. 

All the above mentioned ford extended warranty plans are all great. It’s better to have the least package than have nothing at all. 

How much does the Ford extended warranty cost?

The amount of coverage you’re looking for determines the price it will be. Obviously, premium care will be much more expensive than the basic powertrain package. 

In other words, the bigger the coverage, the more expensive it will be. 

The prices may vary in extended warranty providers, so be sure to get down all the necessary information contained in your extended warranty policy before making any payments. Know what’s included and what is not included. 

Also bear in mind that you’ll need to pay additional money called deductible monthly. This deductible is also determined by the type of coverage you decide to go for.