5 Things you Should Consider Before Buying an Extended Warranty for Your Nissan Vehicle

Are you planning on buying a Nissan?

Which vehicle to acquire is on what impulsive car buyers spend most of their time. This asks for long-time research, in which very few costumers give the needed time to look at the add-ons that they will surely find put in the dealership office. The add-ons can actually cost you a fortune if you don’t have the proper preparation regarding whether if these or those add-ons are worth it. 

More likely buyers will tend to get an extended warranty of some sort. When you buy a car, what covers you for possible damages is a car warranty, after the typical manufacturer auto warranty expires, you get an extended one. An automaker or a third-party administrator can offer this form of car warranty, precisely covering breakdowns and stabilizing repairs, considering there is a price fluctuation on the cost of parts and labors from time to time. 

The consideration upon the purchase of an extended warranty on a new or used car will depend on five main factors. This matter will be discussed ahead. 

  1. Do you need to buy an extended warranty? 

Having in mind that you have to always keep an eye on expiration dates, buying the extended warranty calms your mind in that sense, for no matter if your factory warranty expires, the extended one will be there. If the usage you will be given to your car is more than three years, the consideration of acquiring the extended car warranty should be positive. Still, if this is not the case, then the consideration should be also the same, for you will place yourself on the safe side of the street.

The irritating sudden charges when your car gets internal damage is something to keep in mind. The model and age of your car, including your driving personality, will surely affect the cost of such unexpected damages. For a strong consideration of getting an extended car warranty, we shall share some data from RepairPal: Nissan drivers reported the costs of common repairs, this to give you an idea of oscillating prices for getting your Nissan back to the road: 

Average Repair Estimates for Nissans in 2020

  • 3,142–$3,899 for a Nissan GT-R head gasket replacement
  • 557–$648 for a Nissan Rogue fuel pump replacement
  • 590–$657 for a Nissan Pathfinder brake master cylinder replacement
  • 691–$1,063 for a Nissan Versa AC compressor replacement
  • 1,213–$1,251 for a Nissan Sentra catalytic converter replacement

The extended car warranty surely covers you from those “unnecessary” expenses. 

  • Who is backing the extended car warranty? 

If the car you want to buy is a relatively low-mileage, used car, getting it from a dealership gives you a great chance to get an offer for a warranty. 

Third-party warranties are often offered by dealerships from companies with different track records. The automaker is one of the backers of extended car warranties, keep in mind to make sure they are indeed backing the warranty, and not only dealerships or other companies. Extended warranties that are upheld by manufacturers at nationwide’s dealerships can be used too. Perhaps a third-party vehicle service contract may work, but only at the dealership that sold it to you.

Online reviews are useful to know what others say about something, in the case that it’s an only purpose to which you consider to get coverage, reading them shall be beneficial. You’re perhaps considering specific aspects such as a Nissan rental car benefit or higher roadside assistance towing limit than the automaker offered.

Third-party dealerships offer some benefits such as: 

  • Interest Payments on an Extended Warranty
  • More OptionsforService
  • Quick and Easy Policy Transfer 
  • Have you Shopped for the Best Price? 

To be said that the extended car warranty price is what it is, it’s something usual when you are getting the car from a dealership. That is why checking other possible dealers is a must-do, for finding lower prices for the same product is likely to happen. Or maybe they’ll put some cards on the table right away. 

The variation in prices of any Nissan extended warranty will depend on the provider. What cost to expect surely shall depend on the following factors: 

  • Amount of coverage
  • Age of the car
  • Mileage
  • Make and model of your car
  • If or not you have a luxury vehicle 

To put the warranty’s cost into your charges becomes a possibility you’re getting as a benefit when buying a Nissan Extended Car Warranty as you acquire the vehicle. 

  • Do You Know What’s Covered in The Warranty? 

Exclusionary and Inclusionary are the two types of extended warranty coverage that you are typically offered. 

You will find a list of those items that are not being covered by the agreement in an exclusionary warranty. 

If the listed items you’re getting covered by the agreement are explicit, then is an inclusionary warranty.

To check line by line in an exclusionary contract -if that’s what you want-, it’s a must-do action, for making sure that the excluded items that may collapse, are not the expensive ones.Typically, higher price tags come within exclusionary policies, in the inclusionary policies you may find lower prices. 

  • Who Has the Best Nissan Used Car Extended Warranty? 

The amount of extended warranty companies available to choose from is a lot. To save your money in the long-term, it is recommendable to work with one of the top companies like A-Protect. It is essential to find a well-respected warranty provider, this you can do when shopping for an extended warranty on a used car. The decision on whether you acquire the warranty from a dealership or a third-party’s company, is primarily to find an authentic provider that fulfills your needs. 

Why get an extended warranty from A-Protect Warranty? 

If the expiration date of your Nissan factory warranty has already been passed or it’s close to it, the consideration for extended warranty coverage it’s a good idea. You may be wondering whether if a Nissan extended warranty is worth it or not, to save hundreds -possibly more than hundreds- of dollars, to get your car’s potential and to go far ahead of the length your manufacturer’s warranty terms, choosing an extended warranty for your Nissan is the best option.