Carshield is by no chance among the leading extended warranty provider here in North America. The company has worked its way up to the peak. Amongst what has driven the company to greater scales are good customer servicers, affordable plans, extensive and modified plans and not forgetting their almost “endless” ads. This article focuses on the commercials aired and run by Carshield and more so to answer the question, “who is the girl in the Carshield commercial?”

Carshield Brands ambassadors and commercial models.

Carshield’s marketing team is dedicated to achieving rapid growth and winning more and more customers. The team is doing so by producing and airing commercial advertisements and other forms of advertising all over North America.

The company cannot achieve positive results doing it by itself. That is why they opt for influential figures and celebrity endorsers who help them push their products. They are otherwise known as brand ambassadors.

Here are the most recent influential women who have worked with Carshield in their commercials.

Vivica Fox.

Vivica Fox is an American producer, actor and television host born on 30th July 1964. She is the latest model and influential person to be featured In a recent commercial by Carshield.

Adrienne Janic.

She is a co-host of TLC’S Overhaulin show, a reality series about automobiles.

There are also other TV shows run by the most influential people who often air advertisements from Carshield. They include;

  • The Dan Patrick Show.
  • The Steve Harvey morning show.
  • Get up! Morning with Erica Campbell.
  • The Sean Hannity show
  • The Salvage Nation.
  • The Glenn Beck Program.
  • The Karen Hunter Show.
  • The Rick and Bubba show.

Why are Commercials so important?

Commercials have since time memorial been vital in the business of any kind. That is because they are form marketing strategies used to reach many customers. Commercials form the base of your interaction between the company and its customers. No matter how small or huge a company is, it shall never sieve from airing commercials and other forms of advertisements.

Unlike other forms of advertisements, commercials reach such a large magnitude of potential customers. The impact of a commercial can never fail to impact a company. Carshield, now one of the leading extended warranty providers, always makes lots of commercials to the extent that some people claim they know too much! But there are always reasons for that. They included;

To educate.

Carshield runs and airs commercials to educate its customers and other potential markets. See, extended warranties are unknown, and many car owners are never familiar with them. Carshield uses its commercials to enlighten the potential customer on the need to secure your car against any unforeseen expenses that might come along as you drive your vehicle. The company also pours out the many benefits you can reap once you have an extended warranty and the plan offered.

Once you have reached an enormous magnitude via commercials aired on television and radio, you are likely to enlighten and educate them. People will now see the need to purchase extended warranties.


Commercials are essential in creating awareness among the public. That works by airing commercials that tell your audience what services you offer. Carshield uses the platform to introduce new services and plans into the market, and perhaps a change in the prices of the plans comes with discounts and exciting offers.


The extended warranty industry has lost extended warranty providers. Therefore, you must ensure your company runs its activities uniquely and in totally different ways from other counterparts. Carshield uses commercial as a form of differentiation by coming with unique plans, modified plans and extra benefits that other extended warranty providers lack. That helps beat off pressure from your competitors while winning more trust and love from customers.


Commercials are also an excellent way to announce a product breakthrough. A breakthrough can only be achieved once the company produces a product that beats the odds. For instance, in the 80s, only bar soaps were used for hand washing and other uses. However, one company came up with liquid soap and aired the news through commercials.

Brand Loyalty

Once a business has won many people’s hearts, it will boom. That is one reason companies choose to run commercials since it reaches a vast magnitude. The commercial gives information and portrays images consumers find soothing and fall for.


Like any other company out here, Carshield is working round the clock to ensure its garners a lot of following and trust from customers. One way is by running and airing as many commercial advertisements as possible.

The reason is to educate, create awareness of their products, and differentiate from their counterparts.