Honda is a Japanese automaker that has been in existence for almost ten decades now. The company has proven its consistency and hard work by producing something out of the ordinary every new year. Here in Canada, Honda is one of the best sellers and dominators in the auto industry. From crossover SUVs, Light Trucks, and cars, the company has a continuous positive reputation in the Canadian market hence the reasons for its great performance. 

When purchasing your new Honda model of any sort, the vehicle comes in handy with the manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty is a cover that is under the carmaker responsible for repairs and replacements that are a result of mechanical failures. However, that type of warranty does not have a long life. In short, it expires so fast given a life span of up to 4-5 years. What if you plan on keeping your car for long? Again as we all know, cars will always fall victim to damages and faults. At times the damages bear very huge expenses which can be overwhelming to the car owner. 

An extended warranty is the remaining solution to the above problems. It is an extension of the factory warranty. It plays a significant by rather extended role than the manufacturer’s warranty. You can opt to get an extended warranty immediately after purchasing your brand new car or after a given time. It is wise to get it for your car immediately rather than waiting for some time so that your car might have a continuous warranty. For a used Honda car, you can inquire from the previous owner whether the car is warranted or not. If the car was warranted, you can transfer the extended warranty under your name. Yes! It is transferable.

Here in Canada and throughout entire northern America, there are tons of extended warranty providers from whom you can choose. Specifically in Canada, there are several companies responsible for the selling of extended warranties. It does not matter what model your car is, the miles are driven, or the age. Any car is eligible for being warranted. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is one of the many providers to choose from. The big deal here is that A-Protect Warranty Corporation is bigger and better. Extended warranty prices are friendly and not forgetting the courteous and dedicated team willing to serve you.

Purchasing an extended warranty.

Extended warranties come in as extensions to the previous factory warranty. Therefore, they can be purchased in case you need to get one for your car. There are steps you need to follow and factors you need to know before you finally landing on an extended warranty. 

1.What is covered under an extended warranty.

Unlike an insurance plan, an extended warranty will cover more extensively for mechanical damages. There are different types of extended warranties from which you can choose. Depending on the specific parts you want  covered;

  • Powertrain coverage- Cover for parts that are responsible for producing power and bring about movement of the wheels. The parts are; Engine, Camshaft, Transmission, Axle, and Crankshaft.
  • Bumper to Bumper- It is more extensive in coverage. Cover entirely everything from the rear bumper to the front one. Electrical components, Audio systems, Brakes, Steering, and air conditioning are just but a few on the list.

2.Prices of extended warranties.

Extended warranty prices vary depending on the type of warranty you want to purchase. The prices are also affected by the specific parts covered or the extent of coverage. For example, if you want to get a powertrain warranty, the prices will vary depending on the parts covered. If you choose to cover all the powertrain parts then you will pay more. If you choose to cover fewer parts then the prices will be down.

3. Type of warranty provider.

Here in Canada, there are tons of warranty providers. Factory or car maker, dealerships, and third-party providers. All these are amongst the providers of extended warranty. You choose from that what you think should provide you with an extended warranty. Always do extensive research on the provider you want to pick before coming to a final decision. This is one way of making sure you land on a perfect provider with a good reputation and history. A-protect Warranty Corporation is the right choice to make. If you are looking to secure your Honda and forget about spending on unexpected expenses then look no further.

Conclusion. There are tons of options you can select from if you are looking for extended warranties. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here to make sure your Honda and wallet are secured. You do not want to continuously sink money into regular repair expenses.