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      Out here, we always have a view that since Bently is a car for the rich and famous, it does not need an extended warranty. That’s wrong, Bently I just like another car here and its factory warranty always has a life span of 3 years. This can be equivalent to 30,000 miles. DURING this period, any breakdowns of vaults happening to the car, the expenses associated in term will be under the warranty provider. These are any mechanical or electrical faults to the car. But then after the 3 years are over, you are left with the entire burden. If you are not well financially then you are in for a rude shock.  Bently is a super luxurious car maker from the United Kingdom which has had over a century in serving its customers. Its models are always a clean, sparkless, performance, and rich-cultured. Owning one makes you fall in the category of the wealthy. This is because Bentleys are considered to be cars for the rich and famous. This brand can be related closely related to the other famous brands known as Rolls Royce. Facts have it that the two are related and only share different badges. the two cars are known to be built by hand from beginning to the last details, unlike other car makers who use robotics. This is also what adds to why this brand sells cars that expensive. You can get one of the most expensive Bently for almost half a million dollars.  This being such an expensive asset to lay hands-on, you are therefore obliged to take maximum care of the car. Good care will see the Bently extended warranty run smooth and perfect for a longer time. For instance, oil change alone will cost over $600 for the Continental GT. Other services and repairs have been totaled to be over $3,000 per year for any Bently out here. These amounts are insane only to see the Bently keep going. If you do not have a fixed or stable stream of income then this can should be a no gone. However, you can also opt for a Bently extended warranty. This is a type of warranty that is a continuation of the factory warranty. Works by protecting the car and your wallet from unforeseen and unpredicted breakdowns and expenses. You can get Bently extended warranty from Bently itself or third-party providers. Bently comes in different forms and designs and below are some of the models;   2021 Bently flying Spur.   The “Flying spur” delivers just as the name says. The car comes in trims, that is the one with a w-12 engine and the V-8 engine. The V-89 engine one is the entry-level car and is capable of producing over 542 Hp while the W-12 one does 623 HP. Both models have incredible engine power which makes them fire from 0-60 in rocket-like speed. The V-8 does 3.5 seconds while the W-`12 does slightly higher than that. The interior is nowhere all the jewel lies. It is covered in one of the world’s finest leather and wooden trims. There are tons of futuristic digital control and button which just bring out a classy feel. The cargo has enough space for cargo. Fuel efficient-wise, The Bently Flying Spur extended warranty earned 17mpg combines to both city and highway for the V-8 engine model. The luxury-rich car however had some cons or problems which were commonly reported by many customers. They include;   1.Gasket leaks.   To make sure that your Bently Flying Spur car extended warranty runs in optimum conditions, a strict maintenance schedule is vital.   2.2019 Bently Mulsanne.   The edition comes in a twin-turbocharged V-8 engine that produces over 500HP. The car has a smooth speed pick-up thanks to the almost effortless acceleration. The handling as you drive feels just right and fine even on curvy roads. The interior as usual is clean and perfect with details and soft touches bringing out the luxury look. The infotainment system is massive, thanks to the 20GB internal hard disk where you can decide to store your information. The system also provides the driver with a wide array of life-saving features such as; Blind-spot monitoring, Forward collision warning a well as the emergency braking system. This is just the right car if you are looking for a simple a luxurious model. Here are some of the frequently reported problems of the Bently Mulsanne.   1.Suspension failures.   A luxury and high-end car such as Bently extended warranty cannot be attributed to failures and breakdowns. This is a factor that sticks to many people’s minds. That is wrong. Any car, no matter the make or model can fall prey to faults. You need an extended warranty all time to make sure you are not caught up in a tricky situation. Bentley extended warranty too need an extended warranty, do not be blinded by the fact that they are classy and luxurious models. Shop for one and secure that a hundred-thousand-dollar investment.