Congrats to you if you’ve finally decided to ditch the bus or taking cabs and get yourself a new car. And by a new car, it could be a previously used car as well. When it comes to life-changing decisions, buying a car is a major part of it. It makes even more sense and would be of greater advantage to you if you make the right pick. 

In the long run, we’ve noticed that many used car owners are unaware that there is something called a used car warranty, which is sad. 

Because of this, many vehicle owners spend a fortune or less on repairing their vehicles due to ignorance. To give you the good news, you’re also liable to get an extended car warranty for your used car and there’s a lot you stand to benefit from it. 

It’s only natural, that used car owners are looking for ways to cut down costs on the amount they spend on vehicle damage and repairs. It is, therefore, safe to say that you can get an extended warranty for used cars to play this role. 

Extended warranties will serve as major protection to your used vehicles. Not only does it give you the peace of mind you deserve but is very much affordable for the kind of coverage you get. No matter the kind of car you drive and how long you’ve had it, you’re liable to get an extended car warranty. 

Here, we will guide you on a few things you should know about the extended warranty for used cars.

Save a lot through extended warranty for used cars

Just like the extended warranty for new cars, you can save a fortune on a used car warranty. 

Confused? Here’s how.

Initially, before you heard and invested in the used car extended warranty, you would usually pay for repairs yourself from your savings or just money lying around which you could have used to take care of other important things. 

Now, such expenses are never planned, unless you have a safe box you keep money once in a while for car damages. 

On the contrary, if you do have an extended warranty for your used car, you only need to pay deductibles monthly or yearly which you don’t have to break the bank for. This way, your car is covered and so is the extra money you would have spent if you do not have a used car warranty. 

What does the used car warranty include?

There’s always a warranty package to suit your needs. The used car warranty is divided into 4 types of coverage which we will discuss. 

  • Powertrain- this is a basic warranty package that offers coverage for some of your vehicle’s components such as engine, transmission, drive axle, etc
  • Exclusionary- this package covers a lot of vehicle components. The coverage is so much that rather than listing what it covers in the insurance policy, it gives you a small list of what’s not included in the package. 
  • Stated component- this offers mid-tire coverage such as the basic powertrain protection, water pump, braking systems, heating, and cooling systems, and lots more. 
  • WRAP- this offers protection for coverage excluded in the initial factory warranty of your used car. That is if it is not expired. 

All of the above mentioned extended warranty options offer a great deal of coverage and one of them would fit your budget. However, it is important that you go over the policy very well before selecting. You’re free to make inquiries as well from different insurance providers. 

The cost of the package you choose is based off on different factors such as vehicle age, mileage, car model, driving records, the state of the vehicle, etc. So the rate someone else may get for his used car may be different from yours. 

We believe that every vehicle owner deserves the peace of mind while driving, be rest assured that getting a used car extended warranty will get you just that.