Mileage is the distance a car has traveled ever since it left the factory’s doors. It is represented in form of miles through a digital display below the speedometer known as the odometer. Mileage is usually a great factor in determining the worth of a car. Especially for those who are looking for used cars. In short, it is an indication of a car’s conditions. In most cases, a car with higher mileage is usually considered unworthy. This is because it has been for a long time. As we all know, machines depreciate over time in form of quality. In cars, a higher mileage car is not an option for potential buyers. This is because many associate such cars with problems and frequent breakdowns.

A low mileage car on the other side is a good choice since it seems to have traveled for less time hence less faulty. Low mileage cars have a high resale value than high mileage cars. However, you opt to know one thing. Not all low-mileage cars are always in good form. Again not all high mileage cars are always in bad form too. This article will help you get it clear whether a low mileage car is trouble-free.

Getting a car from a car dealership should not be a rushy activity. You need to take your time and assess the kind of car you want to buy. When buying a used car, check through the mileage and choose what mileage you prefer. Be it low or high. The definite one will be the low mileage car. It is usually not associated with problems. Do not just start using the car without getting it warranted. You never know the kind of illness the car comes with. An extended warranty is something worth purchasing. It helps you meet repair expenses in a time of breakdowns. A-Protect Warranty Corporation is here to help you out. If you are purchasing a used car directly from someone, Inquire if the car has an extended warranty. Did you know it can be transferred under your name! Well, what are waiting for!

Does mileage matter? Does a low mileage mean that your car is trouble-free?

Mileage is a criterion used to choose between a variety of cars depending on the number of miles the car has been driven. Mileage is very important since it affects the value of the car, experience while driving and whether you will resale it. A low mileage let’s say less than 5,000 miles is expensive. Unlike a car with a mileage of over 100,000 miles being cheaper, the mileage determines the cost of a car. Mileage also relates to the driver’s experience while using the car over a given period. A low mileage car usually has a smooth experience because it is usually not that faulty. The owner gets to enjoy using his asset. However, one question remains do a low car mean it is trouble-free?. We will get to know that.

Another way in which mileage matters to the car is when you opt to resale it after a certain period. When you purchase a low mileage car and use it for a short period, the mileage will increase by a small margin. This will make you walk off with a high value if you decide to resale it. A low mileage car has a higher resale value compared to a high mileage one.

Remember, mileage is not the only thing that you need to consider before purchasing a car. For instance, a 30,000 miles car that has 5 owners is nothing compared to 60,000 miles with one owner. The 30,000-mile cars could have bad service history and are not taken care of in a good manner. The age, condition, and history of a car are important. Do not be surprised to get a high mileage car in sharp form compared to a low mileage one in a disastrous manner.

Care and maintenance the king determinant. Make sure you go through the service history to ensure that the car has been taken good care of. There are always exceptions with low mileage cars. Age is also another factor that disclaims low mileage cars having fewer problems. Old cars can have low mileage because some of them just don’t get driven at all. A stalled car sitting around at one given place will always have problems. Yes, the mileage could below but you are in for a rude shock.

Conclusion. Mileage is one factor that generally sums up the car’s health and condition. However, it does not tell out the entire story and history of the car. It is wise to look at a wide array of factors before making any decision. As we can tell above, maintenance is the king. You need to make sure that the low mileage car you are about to buy has been under proper care. Service records will help you a lot. After you are done with all that, don’t forget to purchase an extended warranty.