Do you own a Ford Model and are battling out whether the extended warranty that comes along can cover rental cars? Well, goes the extra mile to exclusively help clean the air on this matter. We all know that extended warranties are a great deal when looking for a way of securing your vehicle from any unforeseen damages. In this context, we are talking about the Ford extended warranty. This warranty can be purchased before the expiry of the factory warranty or just after the expiry.

Once a plan becomes active, the Ford model is entitled to coverage. The provider caters to all the repair costs and expenses when the covered parts get damaged. But now, the deal is whether one can still get the same coverage even for rental cars. Remember, there are several reasons why one can choose to go for a rental car. One common instance when one can opt for a rental car is when their car has broken down, or they are far away from home and need a ride.

If you own a Ford model protected by an extended warranty plan, you might need clarification on this question. The only answer to this question is that the extended Ford warranty will also cover that rental car.

How a Ford extended warranty covers a rental car?

As stated above, the rental car you opt for will be covered by your Ford extended warranty. Several extended warranty providers have a special coverage plan to cover rental cars. This coverage covers rental covers for ten days and only for claims that reach a maximum of $30 per day. Therefore, rental cars can be covered by Ford’s extended warranties.

Sadly, the coverage on rental cars is only limited to claims below $30 per day, and coverage goes for a maximum of 10 days. Also, only Ford car owners who have their vehicles in the garage over warranty-related problems will get coverage for their rental cars.

How to purchase Ford extended warranty?

Once again, owning a Ford is far different from maintaining it. You have to expect to face obstacles and huddles that turn out to be challenging. We are talking about complex faults in parts which need so much money to fix. Now, what if the vehicle comes out to be very problematic? That is why many car owners are advised to go for Ford extended warranty coverage only if they wish the peace of mind and to drive their Ford models for the longest time in good shape.

Factors to consider before purchasing Ford extended car warranty

Shopping for a Ford extended warranty is similar to any other. That is because, before heading over and settling for products or services, one has to consider various driving factors and decide what they think suits their needs most. Well, when shopping for an extended Ford warranty, ensure you put into action the following driving agents below;

·       Coverage details

  • When shopping for an extended warranty, you must consider the coverage details before anything else. Coverage details comprise the specific type of plan you opt for, the duration and the part included in the plan. Since most extended warranties come with different plans ranging from basic plans to Ford extended warranty premium care, you must be vigilant with the details contained in the coverage you are going for. That will put you in the know rather than doing it without having a clue about the coverage details.

·       Deductibles and the price of the plans

  • Another important factor you’ve got to understand well is the deductibles involved and the price of the warranty plans. A deductible is the amount of cash you pay in an event where a claim is made. You end up paying a small fraction of the required repair and labour. Besides that, also keep in mind that knowing the plan’s price will be a plus when purchasing a Ford extended warranty. Do the homework of looking for the extended warranty provider with the Ford extended warranty best price.


As long as your Ford model is secured with a Ford extended warranty coverage, you are good to go. This protection is sufficient to keep your vehicle going and in the best form. When that Ford vehicle breaks down, and you need an emergency ride, a rental car will help. If protection for that rental car is something you need, then do not worry anymore since the Ford extended warranty can cover a rental car as well.

Mostly. Specially designed plans are in place to ensure that the rental car is well covered for the period you will use it. Coverage of rental cars goes for only $10, with coverage made for claims not more than $35. That figure needs to be fixed since there is an extended warranty provider with varying figures.