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    Are you looking to own a vehicle from on one of the best automobile makers in The US and the entire globe? Well, you long quest for a reliable and quality vehicle ends high with Ford. Ford is amongst the top 3 best car makers in both US and Canada. The Ford extended warranty company makes out of the ordinary vehicle with the only Ford used car warranty unique style and designing.  This is one brands that just speaks for itself and in many cases hardly needs an introduction. The brands is famous and reputable globally thanks to its quality vehicles. With over 100 plus years in the market, Ford has worn lots of customers hearts and the same still continuous everyday all day.

    Purchasing a brand-new Ford  aftermarket warranty is never hard. The prices and rate are usually fare unless you decide to go for the luxury subsidiary brand know as Lincoln. Most of Ford products are made out of long-lasting materials and the engineering ensures that the modes surely last. However, that can only be achieved with proper care and maintenance to any of the Ford models. Regular washing, servicing and good driving habits are some of the key things you need to do for your vehicle so as to see it drive well for long.

    But then there is one extra thing which when top upped on the rest guarantee maximum protection of the car. That is an extended warranty. Brand new Ford vehicles normally come with factory warranty; that is responsible for managing any mechanical repairs and replacements. Now when the period comes and the warranty expires, you are left to bare all the costs alone. This can be a burden to you and stress and pressure can come along with this. You are therefore advised to get an extended warranty before things get beyond your own abilities.

    An extended warranty will at least ease the pressures from car maintenance and repairs. It does not matter whether you are using a brand-new car, used one or certified. All are eligible to getting an extended warranty. Not only will this save you from spending and therefore save cost but also create a peace of mind and comfort. You can now cruise done and the street or highway with zero worries and full confidence.

    Here are some of the most promising FORD extended warranty models;

    2021 Ford GT

    The half a million-dollar Ford extended warranty model is one type of car that is just exceptional and in its own lane. THE GT series has been there since 2005 and as years have gone by, we have seen more adjustment, upgrading ad improvement of different models as days go by. The 2021 GT is something new and fresh in the industry and bring along performance like never before. The GT comes packed with a massive and powerful engine. That is, a V-6, 3.5-liter twin turbocharged engine that is super crazy. This is different from the previous year’s GT that had a V-8 engine. The transmission system completes the pattern and comes in a 7-speed dual clutch system that makes sure shifting is perfect and lightening quick. All that is able to pump out over 600 horse power and over 500 lb/ft of torque.

    Hitting the road feels majestic in this fabulous and genius creation and the feeling is only exclusive and unique to the Ford GT and no other car. Inside the car, you will be met with state-of-the-art interior designing that is sporty since the car is entirely a performing and racing car to be specific.

    Here are the common problems Ford GT has been reported to have;

    1. Hood paint peeling
    2. Hydraulic leaks.

    2021 Ford Ranger

    This kind of vehicle can never be missed on any highway or city road here in Canada. The vehicle is very popular and many car owners are going for it due to one thing; performance. A sneak peek inside the hood, you see a relaxed 2.3-liter 4 cylinder engine that has the capability to produce over 270 horse power and 310 lb/ft of torque. You will also notice the 10-speed automatic transmission unit equipped to makes sure that the power from the engine is shifting swiftly and nice on the wheels. Ground clearance is also another feature you will notice and has always been that way on almost all Ford Rangers and Raptors. On this 2021 Ford Ranger; we have a ground clearance of 8.9 centimeters for the four-wheel drive and 8.4 centimeters for the front-wheel drive one. This makes sure that you drive is never obstructed by anything on rough roads.

    Common Ford Ranger issues;

    1.Frequent engine misfires.
    2. Transmission issues.

    Ford extended warranty is generally a great choice is you need a quality and reliable vehicle. This is a brand whose models walk the talk and that is why it is the most trusted and reliable automaker to many. But no matter how good it might be, faults and breakdowns will always be a problem. Get an extended warranty after making a purchase and be on clear side of the roads.