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      Ford Extended Warranty- Pros and Cons

      Are you planning on buying a Ford or an extended warranty for your Ford? Then you’ve landed at the right place. We will guide you through the pros, cons and extended warranty options that you have.

      Ford Durability 

      Ford is known very well for its superior quality vehicles, and ford vehicles last for a long time. Although Ford is durable, It’s always a good idea to buy an extended warranty soon as their original warranty expires so that your Ford vehicle can keep running without issues. It would be best to compare rates for the warranties with others before you make a deal.

      Ford Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

      When you buy a new or a pre-owned Ford (under limited time warranty), you get a ford bumper to bumper warranty for three years. The Limited Warranty covers all parts on the vehicle that require repair, replacement, or change because of a manufacturing defect in materials supplied by the factory or faulty fixture.

      Ford Extended Warranty

      It’s always a good idea to get an extended warranty for your car once the basic factory warranty expires; it keeps your vehicle protected for longer periods. Ford offers six extended warranty plans to its customers.

      Ford Extended Warranty -Pros

      Ford offers extensive plans for the warranty that includes:

      • Premium Care Plus!: It is the most extensive plan with over 1,000+ covered components. Parts and labor to repair many major components can be expensive. With this plan, you don’t need to pay any money at the time of service on covered repairs.
      • Premium Care: It covers the parts and labor of 1,000+ components.
      • Diesel Care Total: It Covers Diesel Engine Components.
      • Powertrain Care: It is a basic plan covering the critical engine and transmission parts to keep your vehicle moving. It covers 29 components.
      • Base Care: It includes all plan items included in the powertrain package and select brake, steering, electrical and air conditioning components. It covers 84 components.
      • Extra Care: It includes all plan items in the Base Care package along with some high-tech components. It covers 113 components.

      Ford offers courtesy towing and 24/7 roadside assistance.
      The warranty is transferable to the next owner of the car.
      Your Ford gets genuine part replacement on repairs.

      Ford Extended Warranty -Cons

      Every time your car breaks down, only Ford tech, making the entire process difficult if you can’t find a Ford dealership near you. 
      The warranty offered by the dealership tend to be a bit pricey because there is no competition there.
      Not very long years of coverage.

      Another option that you can go for is the Third-party extended warranty providers.

      Third-party extended warranty

      A couple of excellent companies offer extended warranties for vehicles at excellent rates with outstanding services.
      The fair features of buying an extended warranty from third-party providers are

      •  Flexible plans
        You can get much flexibility in plans in terms of coverage, rates and services. Most third-party providers give you the freedom of getting your car fixed from whichever mechanic/technician you want. You won’t have to go to the ford dealership every time for the repairs.
      • Bang for buck
        Since the competition is tough among the third-party providers, they offer outstanding services at cheaper rates. and the auto loan isn’t applied on these warranties, hence lower prices. To get the best price warranty, compare different providers before making the final decision.
      • Long term coverage
        You can get more years of coverage to give you peace of mind for a more extended period. An extended warranty can go up to ten years with some companies.

      How to find the best third-party provider?

      Compare-compare and compare. That is the key to getting the best deal that suits you and your budget. There are unique plans offered by different companies so you can choose one according to your wishes.

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