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      Ford escape extended warranty.

      Ford has always been at the top of the list when it comes to producing reliable and quality vehicles. The giant automobile company is responsible for hundreds of thousands or millions of different Ford models cruising all over the globe. One of its spectacular and most cherished SUVs is none other than the Ford Escape. To most Ford enthusiasts, this model isn’t new. That is because, since 2000, Ford has been working round the clock to produce this super amazing masterpiece named “FORD ESCAPE.”

      The model comes in a 5-door design with a crossover SUV design that debuted in the early 2000s. Currently, there are over four generations made so far. Are you looking to purchase one of the Ford Escape models in 2022 or the coming years? Ewell, this article is the right guide you must have at hand. But before looking at some of the Ford Escape models, let us get to learn about Ford Escape extended warranty.

      What is a Ford Escape extended warranty?

      A Ford Escape extended warranty is a form of protection you need to secure for your model. This warranty offers extensive and exclusive coverage from any unforeseen and unpredicted breakdowns. The provider will cover all repairs and labor repeated to repairs. All you’ve got to do is pay a small deductible, and everything gets fixed.

      If you are tied to the dream of purchasing a Ford Escape model, please consider a lot about the Ford Escape extended warranty.

      Ford Escape models

      As stated above, the Ford Escape model has been in existence from 2000 up to date. There are over four generations, therefore, increasing the number of yearly models. Remember, for one to drive their Ford Escape model for the longest time and in great shape, a Ford Escape throttle body extended warranty must be in place. Check out the yearly models below;

      2008 Ford Escape.

      The 200 Ford Ford Escape is a redesigned and more functional version compared to the earlier predecessors. The model has a multifunctional system in both the powertrain and interior components.

      The model comes powered by a V6 engine with a power output of 200 horsepower that can push from 0-60 in only 10 seconds. Besides, the 5-seater has a beautifully designed interior pimped with modern and fancy features. That includes an infotainment system, heated front seats, and climate control functionality.

      Common problems

      • Engine misfires
      • A/C problems
      • Transmission skipping

      Do you know that the 2008 Ford Escape extended warranty can help prevent such a king of problems from burdening you? With a plan secured, all the above problems shouldn’t be a thing to worry about.

      2013 Ford Escape

      One thing that makes the 2013 Ford Escape stand out is its muscular powertrain that sits under the hood. We are talking about a powerful V6 engine with a horsepower ranging from 168 to 240, depending on the specific type of trim you opt for. Besides, the powertrain consumes an average fuel consumption recorded at 21-23 in the city and 28-33 highway.

      Common problems

      • Transmission flaws
      • Internal transfer case problems
      • Engine misfires

      A troublesome transmission system is the most common problem with most Ford Escapes models. Well, guess what! You can easily evade all the costs related to those problems by securing a 2013 Ford Escape extended warranty.

      2014 Ford Escape.

      If you are a compact SUV lover, then the 2014 Ford Escape model will be the best vehicle you can purchase. The model comes in bother FWD AND AWD with an engine capacity that generates 168 to 231 horsepower. Safety-wise, this model underperforms but gets a huge plus in fuel consumption. Despite being an SUV, the model consumes less fuel.

      Common problems

      • Transmission related glitches
      • Engine shaking
      • Leaking seals

      The faults above shouldn’t worry you even an inch. All you need to do is purchase a 2014 Ford Escape extended warranty, and you are set!

      2017 Ford Escape

      The 2017 Ford Escape model is one of the finest and the most stylish. The vehicle has a nicely designed exterior and a modern and functional interior. Under the hood sits a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged engine for the standard version and  2.0 liter for the optional version.

      Common problems

      • Stumbling engine
      • Faulty brakes
      • Electric throttle body problem

      Usually, no vehicle whatsoever they make is made immune to problems. At least once in a while, breakdowns will occur; the above issues are so much attached to most 2017 Ford Escape models. Fortunately, there is a way out, and that is through securing a 2017 Ford Escape extended warranty. Not only will you save costs related to maintenance, but you will also get peace of mind.


      Do you plan on purchasing a Ford Escape anytime soon or shortly? Keep in mind that the factory warranty that will come with the vehicle needs to be more coverage. You will need extra protection, and it can only be through a Ford extended warranty. So, the question “ is Ford escape’s warranty worth it shouldn’t ring into your mind. That is because this warranty helps clear off the extra burden of costly and sudden faults that happen all along.

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