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      Ford Bronco Extended Warranty

      Ford Bronco is an SUV made by Ford that first debuted in 1966. The first-generation models were made in that period up to 1996, when production got suspended. However, during that short period in the industry, the model garnered global attention and had an amazing reputation. Several decades have passed without Ford producing any Ford Bronco models. However, in 2021, Ford revived the long-lost Bronco, whose production is still up to date.

      To those car enthusiasts who need to learn more about this mode, it comes in SUV style and has two doors but a 4-seater sitting arrangement. One aspect that makes Ford Bronco so unique is its exterior look and design. This SUV is more ordinary than many are used to. The design is unique and more of it two-door style. The model is for offroad performance, which can be attributed to the huge ground clearance, bold-looking front grill, and huge tires and rims.

      With the production of second-generation models, things have changed a lot. The models now come with advanced technology not there before and more powerful powertrain performance. Therefore, if you need a performance SUV, the most recommended one would be the Ford Bronco.

      Why you need a Ford Bronco extended warranty.

      Did you know all Ford models always come with a mandatory manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for a minimum of 3 years/ 36,000 miles? On top of that, Ford models get almost an additional powertrain warranty for a minimum of 5 years. This warranty helps a lot when the vehicle develops problems with the workmanship. If such happens, the carmaker is always responsible for coverage of associated costs.

      Sadly, that coverage period needs to be more plus does not meet many customer needs. Do you need a remedy for all your worries, or are you planning to keep your car for a long? Then you’ve got to try out a Ford Bronco extended warranty. This warranty is all you need to keep your Ford Bronco model secured from any unforeseen breakdowns and damages.

      2022 Ford Bronco

      Since the last time a Ford Bronco model was produced in the 90s, they had to make sure that the newer generation was back bigger and better. After so many years of waiting until now, many Ford enthusiasts and, more so, Bronco lovers have a reason to smile. Above, Ford had to ensure that the model remains elegant and, of course, here to stay. Sadly, the pandemic swung in 2020, which was the perfect time to unveil the king of offroad. However, Ford still needed to create the wonderful 2021 Ford Bronco.

      This model still maintains the same look as the older predecessors but comes with a modern twist, advancements, and a powerful powertrain system. Under the hood, you will see a beast-like powertrain system packed with amazing features. We are talking about a 4-cylinder V-6 turbocharged engine for the standard trim. In addition, you get the engine paired with a 7-speed manual transmission for the turbocharged engine and a 10-speed transmission for the twin-turbocharged.

      Remember, there are over 11 trims available for the 2021 Ford Bronco. That includes; Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banker, Wildtrak, Badlands, and First Edition.

      Common problems

      • Problematic turbo wastegate
      • Water leaks
      • Hard top problems
      • Brake booster faults

      If you plan to secure your 2021 Ford Bronco, the problems above can easily make you change your mind. You are advised to shrug all doubts off and purchase a protection cover for your Bronco model. Get a 2022 Ford Bronco extended warranty right away!

      2023 Ford Bronco

      We all know about the 2022 Ford Bronco, the first model that debuted over three decades since the last model was made in 1996. Ford made it clear that this time the model is here to stay and will get bigger and better with time. Ladies and gentlemen! We now have the 2023 Ford Bronco in place. The toughest and rugged of all is here to dig all kinds of rough terrains and any other sort of off-rider.

      The model gets powered by two different powertrain sets depending on the specific trim one goes for. When driving the base trim, expect a 2.3-liter turbo-four engine with a power output of over 275 horsepower and 315 lb-ft of torque. On the other side, we’ve got the top-tier trim with a 2.7 twin-turbo V-6 engine with a power output of 315 horsepower and 410 lb-ft torque.

      The model has yet to be released for sale, but common problems will be known once that gets done. However, you are advised to get a 2023 Ford Bronco Sport extended warranty just for extra security from unforeseen breakdowns.


      Ford Bronco enthusiasts have smiles drawn all over their faces since the revival of the long-lost model. The model has been resurrected and is now much alive and kicking. Off-roading guys now have the beat to tackle dirt, rocks, and mud in whichever terrain. Besides, the powertrain is now much more powerful, we’ve got lots of stability improvements, and safety has changed a lot.

      Sadly, problems and faults will spare any vehicle. Any car owner knows that something might go wrong at any time. That is why we are emphasizing the need to purchase a Ford Bronco extended warranty.