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If you drive a used car, or if your new car just came off the manufacturer warranty, extended warranty is one of the options you may consider to ensure that your car continues to function without costing you a lot of money

Extended car warranty companies help their customers by providing different used car warranty plans to suit their budget and requirements.

Extendedcarwarrantyrates.com is one of a kind, specialized website that will help you compare different companies in Canada and USA to shop for the best extended warranty rate along with customer ratings.

When used car extended warranty companies compete for your business, you’re the only winner and this is why we crated this website to help you win the best used car warranty deal.



A knowledgebase of extended car warranty terms and what they mean
Powertrain warranty

Powertrain is one of the most complex parts of any cars and its warranty will give you peace of mind for the miles to drive

Air Conditioning Warranty

Air Conditioning is a necessity and its warranty will keep you calm while you enjoy your drive

Used car electronics warranty

Today's vehicles greatly depend on electronics to function correctly and its great to have a warranty on them

Power Steering Warranty

Power Steering warranty on used cars is very important to keep your used car maintenance in a controlled budget


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Used cars and how to get best deals on extended warranty

When shopping for a used car, extended warranty can help you save money by taking care of your car's problems when the need arises. Our educational blog helps you find the right choice for common car problems when they happen.

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