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      Honda Civic Sedan Extended Warranty


      Since 1972, Honda has been working round the clock to produce the ultimate and might Honda Civic series. Over the years, the model has continued to show resilience and top performance thereby winning car enthusiasts’ hearts as days go by. In this article, we are going to focus on the Honda Civic Sedan.

      Sedans have become captivating and gaining attraction from potential new-time buyers. The type of design of sedans is one of the selling factors behind the success of sedans these days. But not just any other type of sedan but the Honda Civic sedan.

      When new, the Honda Civic sedan comes with a manufacturer warranty. This kind of warranty comes entirely with every other new series that is straight from the factory doors. But now, this type of warranty is usually too short and poses a challenge, especially to users who are highly dependable on it.

      Extended warranties come in for extra aid and support to those car owners who are willing to purchase them. They act as continuous coverage after the factory warranty expires. Extended warranties are provided by carmakers and third-party providers. However, third-party providers are more preferred. Again, in this context, you will get to see the different policy rates by some of the more suited third-party providers of a call to action to take a Honda Civic sedan extended warranty.

      Honda Civic sedan yearly models

      2015 Honda Civic sedan

      This model comes as both a sedan and a Coupe. There are over 5 trims available under the Honda Civic umbrella. They included;LX, SE, EX, EX-L, and Si. All these trims come with different specs but with the same body design as a sedan. 

      The standard/base model comes with a sleek sedan body design that is of course attractive and appealing. You also get to experience a super responsive powertrain system that promises nothing but out-of-the-ordinary performance. Good handling of the Honda Civic sedan makes driving fun and exciting. Comfort and luxury are included courtesy of a strong suspension system, heated front seats, and a ton of technologically advanced accessories in the interior.

      You also get to enjoy plenty of interior room as well as cargo space.

      Common problems.

      Here are some of the downsides or limitations that most Honda Civic sedans have;

      • A weak and dying battery
      • Steering-related issues
      • Failing electrical components
      • Faulty wheel bearings

      The problems above are all round and need intervention before things head south. One way of getting rid of the issue is by securing a 2015 Honda Civic sedan extended warranty. Not just any policy plan but a more comprehensive one. That can only be the bumper-to-bumper warranty. It is more extensive and expensive in return. Do not look at the expensive side, secure it and see your car run in the best form for long.

      2011 Honda Civic Extended warranty

      The 2011 Honda Civic was the talk of the town during its public unveiling. It was such a gem with spectacular features that were impressive during those days. Currently, the 2011 Honda Civic sedan is still a treasure that many car owners are after.

      The reason behind that is how the car comes in. To begin with, the Honda Civic sedan comes in over 4 different trims. Ranging from the basic one to the executive and premium mode. The base model comes in a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine with a power output of over 140 horsepower and 128 lb/ft of torque.

      Besides the powerful powertrain system, you get additional interior space as well as plenty of cargo room. The well-laid interior is amazing with easy-to-reach controls that are also easy to use.

      Common problems

      • Wiper and power window failure
      • Rattling suspension
      • Engine noise
      • Transmission system flaws causing rambling when reversing
      • Paint fading/peeling

      The issues above need at least an extensive 2011 Honda Civic sedan extended car warranty policy. That can be achieved through securing an inclusionary extended warranty. Besides that, you can choose to get a power train warranty alone. It covers only the powertrain parts since they are the most expensive to repair and replace.

      Types of extended warranty providers

      Below are some top third-party providers whom you can secure an extended warranty from.

      1. Carchex– Carchex is tops on the list of most reliable and efficient extended car warranty providers. It comes with over 5 very extensive plans. To secure one, you must be ready to pay a minimum of about $100-$500 per month and a total of $3,000.
      2. Endurance– This is the topmost-rated extended car warranty provider. It has over 5 plans which are very extensive and cover lots of parts in a car. A basic Endurance plan start at around $900 to $1,500. It has a good customer review of around 9.2 thanks to its comprehensive coverage.
      3. Protect my car– Comes third with a rating of 8.5. Unlike its counterparts, its plans are low with only 3 of them. However, you get to enjoy quite a several benefits when you cover your car. That included; Rental car reimbursement, 24/7 roadside assistance, and trip interruption.


      Honda Civic is among the most selling brands by Honda. The sedan design to be specific is most considered due to its performance, design, and overall reliability. This is one car you can call your own and lean on. Maintaining a car is another problem that poses a challenge to many car owners. That can be in the form of costly repairs and replacements.

      This has facilitated the need for a Honda Civic sedan extended warranty. Third-party providers are always on their toes to ensure your car is protected. Unforeseen breakdowns and expensive maintenance will all be tackled and thereafter you enjoy the peace of mind coming along.