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      Honda Civic Type R Extended Warranty

      The Honda Civic Type R is no new to many car enthusiasts. However, some aren’t familiar with this ride. One reason for that could be perhaps a lot of car enthusiasts get stuck on with the Honda Civic. But now the Honda Civic Type R is doing nicely since its introduction almost 10 decades ago. Its top-level design and performance are among the factors that make the Honda Civic Type R highly cherished.

      The Honda Civic Type R is no ordinary Honda Civic model. It comes with dozens of upgrades that include a facelift that is bold and aggressive, more power from the powertrain system, and of course the super interior looks.

      Unfortunately, after a short while, problems begin knocking on doors. They come in the form of sudden or surprise faults. Some are usually very costly to repair or replace in that case. It might be frustrating and get to a point where the car can no longer be salvaged. The car owner has no option but escorts the once precious car to a junkyard to rot away.

      It is saddening and that was the reason why factories introduced the factory warranty. In this context, all Honda Civic Type R from the factory doors come with a 3-year/36,000 miles factory warranty. This warranty is meant to cover any mechanical or electrical damages to the car.

      Three years is such a little timeframe and affects those who wish to keep their cars for long. To beat this barrier, you are advised to purchase an extended warranty before the expiry of the factory warranty. Once the factory warranty contract expires, the extended warranty for Honda Civic Type R swings in immediately.

      2015 Honda Civic Type R.

      This is a more improved version of the Honda Civic Type R series. Falling under the 9th generation model, the 2015 models come in a sharp and sporty exterior look that is blended with a sporty look as well. It is one of the pioneer models equipped with a turbocharged engine.

      That means that the 2015 model comes with a more powerful and well-equipped powertrain system compared to its processors. Under the hood, a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder turbocharged muscular engine sits peacefully waiting to roar up when ignited. An engine of that caliber delivers nothing but a whopping 306 horsepower and over 400 lb/ft worth of torque. This is a car made for performance. Expect excellent shifting, cornering, handling, and general dynamic performance.

      A car with such incredible powertrain specs is automatically a gem. As if that is not enough, opening the doors, you will be greeted with a spectacular and majestic interior finishing. We are talking about an interior made with a sporty design and the use of unique materials blended uniformly to create a harmonic pattern and feel.

      Common issues.

      No matter how impressive the car is performance-wise or anything else, there have to be common problems associated with the car. They include;

      • Transmission issues such as gear grinding
      • Engine overheating
      • Engine rattling at high speeds
      • Suspension noise

      Maintenance costs for repairing and fixing Honda Civic Type R are no joke. It is very expensive. Therefore, what might help you deal with costly repairs can only be an extended warranty. With the right policy.

      2010 Honda Civic Type R.

      The 2010 Honda Civic Type R is a three-door hatchback that is made with the same sporty design that is the same on all Type R models. With a bold and muscular powertrain system, the car is very responsive and superb for performance.

      The car sits if rigid and strong chassis and a suspension system that ensures the driver and passenger get to be cushioning even on rougher roads. Under the hood, a 2.2-liter engine is perfectly placed and has a power output of over 198 horsepower and 142 lb/ft of torque. That is more power for extra performance since this is a sporty model.

      Interior-wise, you get to meet the best designs ever. A cool blend of sporty and executive materials uniformly binds to create an exquisite feel. The sporty controls are easy to reach and the legroom and headroom are also commendable.

      Common issues

      • Chassis and suspension noises
      • Engine vibration and shaking
      • Oil leakage
      • Rattling body panel

      When you notice such a problem or are planning to purchase a 2010 Honda Civic Type R, then the problems above are coming your way. Repairing and replacing any parts on a Type R model comes at a cost. Fortunately, you can avoid all those costly bills by getting a Honda Civic Type R extended warranty.


      If you wish you see your Honda Civic Type R drive and feel as new in a couple of decades to come, then this is the time to invest in a Honda Civic Type R extended warranty. Currently, the industry is flooded with loads of extended warranty providers. All you have to do is do intense research and[W1]  pick the most suited provider for the task. Once secured, no more worries related to unpredicted breakdowns. Check out the following providers to choose from;

      • Carchex
      • Endurance
      • Concord
      • Autopom

      You can choose whether to buy a plan entirely or go for a monthly payment plan. Any of them works just right. Peace of mind and cost-saving are among the top benefits you will reap after all.