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      Honda Accord Extended Warranty

      Japan’s own Honda Accord is not new to many car enthusiasts. Having been in the game for almost 4 decades now, the company boasts an excellent reputation and unconditional love from the customers. Honda was the first model to be fully made and assembled in the USA. Ever since the company has been making endless efforts in producing quality and reliable cars. Here in the west, Honda is one of the carmakers from Japan that is performing nice, giving home-grown car makers a stiff competition.

      Honda Accord is one model by Honda that is doing great. We are talking about top-notch performance, excellent quality, and reliability. All that in one car is what many car owners are looking for and is exactly what the Honda Accord delivers. But now, there will never be a single man-made invention that will be free from problems.

      Why is Honda’s extended warranty worth it?

      Just like any other cars out here, The Honda Accord has not been made any different and eventually falls prey to breakdowns and faults. It might be a bit hard to meet the expenses that come along. Some get too expensive to manage and call for nothing else but an extended warranty.

      The Honda Accord’s new models usually come fresh from the factory doors paired with the factory warranty. This warranty is responsible for covering several parts in a car against mechanical and electrical damages. The coverage comes short-lived and lasts for a minimum of 3 years to around 5 years for most Honda Accord models.

      To beat the short period, there was the need to come up with an extension of the factory warranty. That comes in the form of extended warranties. Extended warranties are currently what all cars must-have in case car enthusiasts want to handle surprise or unforeseen breakdowns. An Extended Warranty for Honda Accord will protect the car and the owner’s wallet from constant expenses related to car maintenance.

      What are some of the Honda Accord models?

      Are you planning on securing a Honda Accord model any time soon? Well, this article has all the topmost models that best suit any driver’s needs. On top of that, you get to learn about individual problems each model shows. Read on!

      2010 Accord

      Looking for a sleek and fine Honda model that comes in the form of either a sedan/coupe? The 2010 Honda Accord is the perfect match to look after. This model comes in different body styles a Sedan-style or Coupe. This makes it divided into 3 different trims. We have the Honda Accord LX, EX, and the EX-V-6.

      The Honda Accord ensures that all its trims encompass all the vital requirements most car enthusiasts are after. We are talking about killer exterior design, cute interior design, top-level powertrain performance, and of course the ordinary handling of the car. The basic trim comes in a 2.4-liter engine that has a power output of 177 horsepower and over 161 lb/ft worth of torque.

      Common problems

      • Bent front brake rotors that vibrate and make noise.
      • Poor air conditioning system
      • Ignition failure
      • Dashboard light flashing
      • Engine misfires.

      A bumper-to-bumper 2010 Honda extended warranty fits well in case your need assistance with the problems above. Even though it is an expensive form of an extended warranty, it is worth it if you want that “peace of mind”

      2008 Honda Accord

      The 2008 Honda Accord is the true definition of “old is gold”. Despite the recent advancement in the automobile sector, the 2008 model made for 20 decades has proven that it is still a gem. The 2008 Honda Accord comes in two trims. That is; The LX and the LX- P. The body design varies from a sedan to a coupe.

      Depending, on your choice, you’ve got a ton of factors to consider. Of course, there is the engine performance, quality, drivability, handling, safety, and comfort among other features. However, the 2008 Honda Accord has shown compelling features with the two trims available. That is; excellent road performance, responsiveness, and reliability. The two trims come in different powertrain specs.

      A 2.4 liter, 4-cylinder engine that produces over 177 horsepower and a 3.5 Liter V-6 engine that breaths out over 268 horsepower. These features make the 2008 Honda Accord an absolute gem and treasure in the current world. 

      Common problems

      • Transmission skipping
      • Engine misfires
      • Faulty air conditioning system
      • Rattling suspension

      To make sure your 2008 Honda Accord is free from the problems above, an exclusionary 2008 Honda extended warranty will work best. This is a form of extended warranty that covers parts that are only included in the contract. It is more extensive and therefore better in such situations.


      With the rising need and demand for cars globally, companies are working day in and day out to deliver and ease the demand curve. Car enthusiasts out here are always on the look to find the perfect car that is error-free, quality, and reliable. Well, the Honda Accord is one model you must include in your checklist. But one thing you must never forget is that no car is immune to breakdowns.

      Therefore, as you plan on securing tat Honda Accord, you must keep in mind the need of purchasing a Honda extended warranty coverage. It will guarantee your car protection from unforeseen issues and also secure your wallet from expensive car maintenance costs.