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      Honda Civic Extended Warranty


      Are you planning on securing any of the Honda models any time soon? Well, if you are about to purchase your dream Honda vehicle, then you might have come across a model by the name “Honda Civic”. Honda Civic is nothing new to most die-head car enthusiasts. This is one model by Honda that sort of carries the brand’s name. The model is very well known to the extent that you can never miss spotting any other place you visit here in Canada.

      Honda Civic comes as a package. In it, you find quality, top-level performance, luxury and comfort, and reliability. What else will you be looking for in a car if you have all that under one plate? Honda Civic ensures that the car owners have maximum satisfaction and that all their preferences and needs are met.

      Why does Honda Civic need an extended warranty?

      Do you have any idea how important a Honda Civic extended warranty is to your car? Keep reading!

      The extended warranty is a contract purchased from either a third-party provider or a dealership. It comes in as a continuation of the already expired factory warranty. Honda Civic models usually come out of the factory mated with a factory warranty. Most contracts are usually from 3 years to around 10 years. But now after the factory warranty expires, you cannot renew it, instead, you have to purchase an extension otherwise known as an “extended warranty”

      But why an extended warranty? An extended warranty will do exactly what the factory warranty does but in a more advanced manner. That is; taking care of any expenses that come due to unforeseen mechanical or electrical faults in the car. In return, a car owner enjoys peace of mind, saves costs, and also enjoys extra benefits from the Honda Civic extended warranty providers. Comes in the form of; 24/7 roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, annual tire rotation, and free annual oil change.

      Honda Civic models

      2016 Honda Civic.

      The 2016 Honda Civic is one pleasant car that offers a lot under its plate. The first thing you notice when you can across this model is its aggressive design and look. The bold and elegant exterior finishing of the Honda Civic 2016 series is something out of this world. You also get to experience an upscale interior look that comes with above-average luxury and comfort.

      Under the hood of the basic trim, a powerful powertrain system sits peacefully waiting. The powertrain system comprises a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine for the base trim. A power output of over 174 horsepower comes is produced with that engine capacity. On top of that, It is paired with a 6-speed CVT transmission system that is ready to punch gears as you press the gas pedal.

      Common problems

      It won’t be a walk in the park no matter how new or quality the car comes. At the end of the day, expect problems to come your way. They include;

      • Fuel pump leakages
      • Poor oil consumption and efficiency
      • Rattling interior components
      • Transmission problems

      A 2016 Honda Civic extended warranty remains to be the remaining solution to handling the problems above. In this case, purchasing a plan that is extensive and covers a lot of car parts will be wise. The most recommended type of extended car warranty is either a bumper-to-bumper warranty or a powertrain warranty.

      2010 Honda Civic

      The 2010 Honda Civic is a compact car that is available as either a sedan or a coupe. It is now almost 4 decades ago since the first Honda Civic was introduced to the American and Canadian markets. It came with a boom. Truth is said, the Honda Civic is still a gem up to date.

      The 2010 model is a fine-looking car with a super cool exterior that works on both sedan and coupe. The model comes in 4 trims. That is; LX, EX, DX, and GX. The models (LX, DX, EX) come with almost similar powertrain specs. A 1.8 4-cylinder engine with a power output of 140 horsepower and 128 lb/ft of torque. You can also choose between a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed automatic transmission system.

      Common issues.

      • Engine overheating
      • Wabbling handbrake
      • Rattling noise when driving
      • Ignition problems

      Purchasing a 2010 Honda Civic extended warranty will be of great help in securing your car. Investing your cash on a policy that is extensive and covers vital parts that are most at risk will save you big.


      There are tons of third-party providers out here ready to help you secure your asset. Once you choose to purchase an extended warranty, you are guaranteed protection from breakdowns that come by surprise and get demanding financially. Through deductibles or in some instances spending no single penny, you end up saving big.

      Extended warranties will keep your Honda Civic in top shape for the longest time possible. The peace of mind you have been looking for so long is finally here. Get up and purchase an extended warranty. Don’t worry about the Honda Civic extended warranty cost. The market is full Below are some of the best providers with different favorable prices to shop from;

      • Carchex
      • Protect my car
      • Endurance
      • Concord
      • Carshield
      • Autopom