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      Honda HR-V Extended Warranty

      Honda HR-V models are a great option if you are looking for a fine subcompact cross-over that is reliable and affordable. One intruding factor that will melt your away is its good-looking and beautifully crafted exterior. Opening the doors, you are going to be greeted with a completely and perfectly furnished interior that has both luxury and comfort secured. That not being enough, when popping under the hood, a bold and muscular powertrain system (Engine, transmission, camshaft, axle) sits ready to power the beast.

      In short, the Honda HR-V comes as a package with top-level features that many car lovers are after. But one challenge has remained unsolved for years. That is the hardship that comes during the maintenance period. As we all know, vehicles no matter how tuff they are will always depreciate in quality over time. While they do so, problems begin to arise and will need intervention before things go so.

      What about the Honda HR-V Factory warranty?

      During the initial 3-to-5-year window while the car is still new, you will enjoy being around your car. That is because the factory warranty makes things much easier for you by taking handling any mechanical or electrical issues within that period. Honda HR-V factory warranty comes directly from the Honda manufacturer and has the following plans;

      Accessory limited warranty– Extra Honda Accessories are covered by this coverage.

      Bumper-to-bumper limited warranty– All components in a car get covered. Lasts for a limited 3 years.

      Corrosion limited warranty– Has a 5-year coverage period and covers the car from corrosion.

      Replacement parts limited warranty– Covers for replacement of worn-out or damaged parts in a car. Coverage duration is only 3-years/36,000 miles.

      Powertrain limited warranty– This covers the car for up to 5-years and mainly covers the engine, transmission, drivetrain, and the axle.

      As you can see from the above details, all the coverage plans are limited, this means that coverage can never surpass the stated period.

      It is a huge blow to the car owner who heavily depends and relies on the factory warranty. The peace of mind slowly fades off as things start to take a new form. Frustration from huge repair and replacement bills comes in and it may worsen if your car is more problematic.

      Thankfully, extended warranties were introduced to cushion car owners from the extra burden resulting from car maintenance. To avoid all the tassels and huddles from car maintenance, all you have to do is go purchase a Honda HR-V extended warranty. It can be purchased from third-party providers or car dealerships.

      Honda HR-V models.

      2013 Honda HR-V

      Honda came up with a new look, design, and features at the beginning of 2013. It marked the onset of the Honda HR-V second generation that still runs to date. It was a huge leap Honda took to produce modern cars with top-notch performance that could compete fairly with other counterparts.

      However, unlike the current modern and luxurious crossovers, the Honda HR-V misses just by a few specs and there. A model is a great option for car enthusiasts looking for intermediate luxury and comfort. The base trim comes with a 1.8-liter 4cylinder engine paired with a 6-speed CVT transmission system.

      Interior-wise, you get an average look and also a lot of room in the cabin for both headroom and legroom.

      Common problems.

      • Suspension cracks
      • Body panel rattling
      • Engine noise
      • Wheel rattling
      • Faulty airbag and air conditioning

      To beat the problems listed above, you need to purchase a 2013 Honda HR-V extended warranty. Handling the problems with your wallet is quite a huge task that needs someone financially stable. A powertrain extended warranty for instance will be important since powertrain parts form up the most expensive parts to repair and replace in a car.

      2017 Honda HR-V

      2017 Honda HR-V comes with over three trims. That is the LX, EX, and the EX-L. All the trims have the stylish Honda HR-V look that is indeed attractive. Looks alone are not the real deal. The 2017 Honda HR-V is an improved version of the first predecessors in the second generation. One area that has received attention is the powertrain system.

      The base trim comes with a 1.8 Liter 4-cylinder engine that can power out over 141 horsepower and 127 lb/ft of torque. That is more and sufficient for the small crossover. The interior is comfortable and flexible. There is enough room for adults to sit thanks to the legroom and the headroom. The back cargo room is just right and fits and extends up to 58.8 cubic/feet when the rear seats are folded.

      Common issues

      • Fluid leaks
      • Rattling engine when driving
      • Fuel pump failures


      Currently, there are more than enough third-party providers and dealerships out there ready to secure your car. Managing the problems above on your own can be challenging. Costly maintenance is among the core reasons behind stalling and failure of most Honda HR-V models. However, you can avoid all the misfortune taking over your car only by investing in a Honda HR-V extended warranty.

      It is not that expensive. A basic extended warranty plan begins at around $500 to $1,500 per year. It is equivalent to the estimated amount one spends to look after the car yearly. There is no time to waste. Now is the right time to take action and secure your Honda HR-V from unforeseen breakdowns.