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      Honda Insight Extended Warranty

      Honda Insight is a powerful hybrid model by Honda. Its production began back in 2002 and has undergone a series of generations. Production of the Honda Insight is still in operation up to date. S Honda Insight is among the top-performing hybrid cars made by Honda and portrays very good competition with the outside models.

      Going green is an active initiative by lots of governments to beat the current climate effects. Therefore, if you own a fully gasoline-powered vehicle, then this is the perfect time to shift to a hybrid model. It is not just shifting to any other brand but strictly the Honda Insight.

      In return, you will enjoy special fuel economy only by Honda Insight, a powerful and reliable Honda Insight powertrain, and guaranteed comfort and safety. The generation of the Honda Insight is a compact class.

      A brand-new Honda Insight comes with a factory warranty that varies in length. 3 factory warranties come when you buy a new Honda Insight;

      Limited warranty- covers only the listed parts in the car. Goes for 3 years/ 36,000 miles.

      Powertrain warranty– Coverage entails the powertrain parts in the car. That is the engine, transmission system, and axel. Goes for 5 years/ 60,000 miles.

      Component warranty- Covers extra hybrid accessories by Honda. Goes for 8 years/ 1000,000 miles.

      Important of Honda Insight extended warranty

      The factory warranty that comes with any of the Honda Insight models should not blind the importance and needs of an extended warranty. Once the factory warranty expires is when you will feel the gap that is between you and your Honda Insight.

      The gap comes in with maintenance costs. Looking after any sort of asset requires determination and willingness to go beyond your reach to see the asset in top shape. But sometimes, the problems get overwhelming and you end up giving up.

      That is what happens when the factory warranty is due. But to cushion you from all that pressure and stress, you have to do one thing. Purchase a Honda Insight extended warranty. What comes next?

      • Peace of mind– The stress and huddle from problematic cars fade off once an extended warranty takes over.
      • Save on costly repairs– Huge repair costs get shielded from your way. You pay only deductible or nothing in some cases.
      • Secure the car’s wellbeing– Your car will drive and feel as if new for long.

      Below are some of Honda Insight’s yearly models

      2010 Honda Insight

      The 2010 Honda Insight hatchback comes in two trims; LX, and EX. The model’s design is wholly new and very different from the two-door coupe that was last produced in 2006. The model comes with a super cool powertrain system that is made of two power sources.

      A 1.3-liter 4-cylinder engine combined with an Integrated Motor Assistance. The two altogether have a power output of  98 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque. The battery of the Honda Insight has a self-charge ability where it receives energy from braking and coasting. That guarantees power all the time while you are driving and the possibility of getting stuck when out of gas is no more.

      The powertrain of the Honda Insight is one of the contributing factors to the model’s high fuel efficiency. That is 40 mpg city and 43 mpg highway.

      Common problems

      Poor Hybrid battery-$1,000-$6,000

      Engine knocking-$2,000-$3,000

      Imagine spending your hard-earned cash fixing all the huge bills above. Now also think of it when your car is very problematic. There is no need to struggle with the issues above and yet you can secure yourself an extended warranty for the 2010 Honda Insight!

      2012 Honda Insight

      The Honda Insight 2012 series is another wonderful piece of t by Honda. It comes with a powerful and dynamic powertrain system that ensures excellent fuel efficiency and above-average performance.

      Powering the 2012 hatchback is the famous Integrate Motor Assistance and a gasoline-powered engine. That is a 1.3-liter 4cylinder engine and a 10 kW electric motor. They are then paired with a continuously variable transmission system that is fast and reliable.

      The two have a total power output of 98 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque.

      Common problems

      Abnormal oil consumption-$2,000

      Engine failure-$2,500-$4,000

      Engine jerking when accelerating- $80-$150

      The above problems have been reported to begin when you hit around 26,000 miles. This is also the right under which most factory warranties are nearing their expiry. Don’t wait until it’s too late to act, this is the right time to secure a 2012 Honda extended warranty.


      Global attention has now shifted to hybrid and electric cars. The “going green” movement is steadily rising. What is waiting for? Secure one of the best hybrid cars right now. That is none other than the mighty Honda Insight.

      Remember, as you plan on doing so, do not forget about picking a Honda Insight extended warranty as well. This warranty is a great weapon and form of security for your car against any unforeseen and costly maintenance issues. There is nothing more than peace of mind and that is what extended warranties guarantee.