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      Honda Odyssey Extended Warranty

      The Honda Odyssey is ranked number one here in Canada as the best and most reliable minivan. It is truly one perfect minivan that is made out of quality structuring and engineering. It can be used for dozens of activities making it so flexible and dynamic.

      The powertrain system that comes with the Honda Odyssey is super cool and powerful enough to power the beast without glitches or struggles. In short, the Honda Odyssey is just a superb and spectacular minivan one can dream of owning.

      Why Honda Odyssey extended warranty?

      Honda Odyssey’s extended warranty is so much important to the well-being of the minivan. Not only is an extended warranty vital to the car but has great benefits that are also enjoyed by the owner.

      But how?

      Well, to begin, we shall first visit the factory warranty. The factory warranty is a contract or agreement provided by the manufacturer of the automobile to the owner. It is a MUST have thing that comes with entirely all new vehicles. What the factory warranty does is act as a form of protection to the vehicle against mechanical and electrical damages to the vehicle’s parts

      Parts that are covered and included in the warranty list are the only ones able to get coverage. In an event of risk covered against, the warranty through selected service centers takes in the expenses or charges for repairs and replacements.

      Therefore, the owner does not incur any charges whatsoever. However, most factory warranties do not last. The Honda Odyssey factory warranty only goes for a maximum of 3 years to 10 years. Once the factory limited warranties expire, you become the sole carer of your minivan.

      Car maintenance is always unpredictable and challenging. You could be hit by a huge maintenance bill for any unaware. Of course, no one is always prepared for any of that. But with an extended warranty, you will have safeguarded your Honda Odyssey’s well-being. A  Honda Odyssey extended warranty takes over in cases of unforeseen breakdowns to the car. You end up gaining protection from unforeseen expensive maintenance costs.

      Honda Odyssey models

      2013 Honda Odyssey.

      2013 Honda Odyssey is available in over 3 trims. That is; the LX, EX, and EX-L. Each of the trims comes with the same powertrain features. We are talking about a 3.5-liter V-6 engine. The engine is powerful enough to push the beast-like minivan by producing over 236 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission system.

      The interior of the 2013 Honda Odyssey is so huge, spacious, and above all comfortable. Whichever kind of custom design you are thinking of can be done in the spacious cabin room. The vehicle is easy to drive and also has got top-level safety features.

      Common problems

      Vibrations when braking-$300

      Catalytic converter problems-$80-$2,000

      Engine Start-up issues- $500

      Faulty electric doors- $300

      What Extended warranty providers offer for the 2013 Honda Odyssey

      Extended warranties have proven to be very efficient and reliable when dealing with the problems above. All you have to do is purchase a 2013 Honda extended warranty and you are good to go. Check out the following provider quotes. Only an extended warranty can salvage you and your car out of the problems above. Otherwise, it is gonna be a bumpy ride!

      CarchexTitanium18 months$168 per month
      CarshieldSilver16 months$123 per month
      EnduranceSupreme30 months$94 per month

      2017 Honda Odyssey.

      One thing most car enthusiasts love about the Honda Odyssey is its spaciousness and the affordability of the models. The 2017 Honda Odyssey has a huge interior cabin that can seat up to 8 people thanks to the three-row seating arrangement

      Not only do you get sufficient interior cabin space, but the vehicle also comes with a nicely-crafted powertrain system. The minivan is paired with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that comes with cylinder deactivation. With such a massive engine, a power output of 248 horsepower is released and is responsible for powering the vehicle

      Besides that, you also get a 6-speed automatic transmission system that comes alongside the powerful engine. The vehicle is a gem that many car lovers are opting for especially those with huge families.

      Common problems

      Sliding doors problems-$850-$1,000

      Excess oil consumption-$600

      Ignition failure-$70-$300

      Low fuel pressure- $200-$340

      Below is a table showing some of the best-extended warranty providers with respective quotes. This will guide you in picking the best and most reliable 2017 Honda extended warranty. 

      CarchexSilver16 months$130 monthly
      EnduranceSecure36 months$91 monthly

      The list above is what you need to stick to if you wish to see your 2017 Honda Odyssey drive and feel as new for the longest time possible


      Honda Odyssey is a great vehicle more so if you are specifically looking for a spacious vehicle that is also reliable. The Honda Odyssey comes with a family-friendly spacious interior room and a powerful powertrain system.

      What else can you be looking for in a minivan once you’ve got space and good powertrain specs? Now the only remaining thing to do is get a Honda Odyssey extended warranty. An extended warranty will protect your minivan from any breakdowns that come unpredicted. Costly repairs and replacement will also be a burden left entirely to the provider. What a relief!