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      Honda Passport Extended Warranty

      Are you sick and tired of looking for a true definition of a rugged SUV and one you can hit the dirt road with? In case you might be in such a situation; this article is here to salvage you out of the dilemma. The real type of car that you can use for your off-roading trips and activities is none other than the powerful and might Honda Passport.

      This is a bold-looking beast that is made with quality and rugged material that are perfect for off-roading. That ensures you get above the ordinary off-roading experience and the car remains even on extreme performance. Honda Passport has been structured and engineered exactly for that.

      Why an extended warranty for Honda Passport?

      As you are shopping for that Honda Passport, you are likely to meet someone either at the dealership introducing you to add-ons. An extended warranty for Honda Passport is usually one among the addons the dealership sales guy may show you. Do not ignore it since many previous car owners usually snob it due to a lack of enough information and trust.

      But why is an extended warranty important? Well, an extended warranty is very crucial especially after the factory warranty has expired. What follows after the factory warranty is over is always frustrating. This is because all the costly repairs and replacement bills are entirely left to the car owner. In cases where you have an old and weak vehicle, you might be unable to look after it.

      The current situation of surging cost of living day in and day out is among the many reasons for the increased cost of car maintenance. Spare parts and repairing have gone too high to an unmanageable extent. With all that happening, looking after a vehicle has become extremely hard. One cannot rely on a factory warranty because it expires so soon and affect those planning to keep their cars for a long.

      You must purchase a Honda Passport extended warranty only if you wish to protect your car from unforeseen problems and secure it for the longest time possible. Extended warranties have more coverage unlike factory warranties plus there are flexible.

      Honda Passport models

      2019 Honda Passport.

      One thing that the 2017 Honda Passport encompasses in all its models is luxury and comfortability. This is to ensure that the passenger gets the best of experience and fun even on the rough terrain. There is more than plenty of cabin room with both legroom and headroom being their best.

      The2019 Honda Passport was officially unveiled in 2018 and marked a new era of production. This was almost two decades later after the first-generation production halted in 2002. The Model comes in over 4 trims. That is; Sporting, EX-L, Touring, and Elite

      All 4 trims come with similar powertrain specs. A 3.5-liter V-6 engine that has a massive power output of 280 horsepower and 263 lb/ft of torque.

      Common issues

      Head gasket problems- Costs up to $1,634- $1,979

      Fuel injector issues- $200-$360

      Faulty brakes- $150-$300 per Axle

      The above problems cost a lot to fix and the prices may vary depending on how severe the issue is. Billing out the repair costs of your Honda Passport when in such a situation can get tricky. All you’ve got to do is purchase a 2019 Honda Passport extended warranty and avoid the struggle and hardship of huge maintenance bills.

      2021 Honda Passport

      The practical and spacious interior as well as the powerful and bold engine are among the key features of the 2021 Honda Passport. A 250-horsepower engine sits relaxed under the hood waiting. It is a 3.5liter V-6 engine that is linked to a nine-speed automatic transmission system

      With such kind of powertrain specs, expect swift performance and minimal to zero struggles on extreme driving. The all-wheel-drive system makes all-terrain driving fun and exciting.

      Common problems

      Poor infotainment system-$200-$3,000

      Power steering issues-$500-$650

      Engine overheating-$100-$1,500

      Suspension system rattling- $1,000-$5,000

      Once your Honda manufacturer warranty expires, you will now face it hard. This is because previously while your factory warranty was active, any of the above problems were dealt with by that warranty. However, once it expires and you are not financially able to meet the maintenance cost above, you will be in trouble.

      Gladly, you can secure a 2021 Honda Passport extended warranty. This warranty will shield and protect your car against any unforeseen and unpredicted problems arising.


      The high rising cost of living is ravaging every sector globally and has made car maintenance very hard.  You can feel it through the risen costs of spare parts, repair labor, and servicing fees. Problems are bound to get to your vehicle no matter how tough or quality the vehicle is. You cannot avoid or dodge problems. Therefore, tackling them head-on remains the only applicable method.

      Doing so all by yourself is not easy, you need a Honda Passport extended warranty at hand. Peace of mind, cost-saving, improved vehicle quality, and extra benefits are among the many benefits of securing your Honda Passport with an extended warranty.