Do you own a car and want it secured and protected from unforeseen damages and breakdowns? Look no further; Carshield is here to help you achieve that, uphold your car’s well-being and see it drive and feel as new in the future. Extended warranties are great and work well in cases where your factory warranty expires. Either way, you can still purchase an extended warranty even before your extended warranty expires. A good extended warranty plan will help you beat off any sudden and surprise damages to your car that could also be costly.

Carshield is a pioneer company in extended warranties and one of Canada’s leading extended warranty providers. The company has existed for now and has a positive reputation with a record 1 million customers served. We highly recommend anyone looking for an extended warranty always reach out to Carshield and have their cars secured. But now, the most car enthusiast might question how Carshield operates. This article has step after step outline below clearly explaining how Carshield works.

#1. The customer requests a free quote.

This is the immediate step before beginning any other processes regarding purchasing an extended warranty. The stage is similar even to other extended warranty providers out there. Well. After a customer has analyzed the extended warranty market so well and chose Carshield as the provider, the first step is requesting a free quote.

A quote shows the different types of extended warranties offered, their duration, the parts covered, and the prices. That process can be done directly via Carshield’s website or their toll-free line, +1-800-588-8501. The process involves feeding or giving out the vehicle details such as age, mileage, condition, and model year. Afterward, the customer care team reviews the details and comes up with different coverage plans that suit the car.

#2. Coverage personalization.

This is the second step that comes once after the customer care service reviews the details given. During this step, Carshield’s team provides the customer with several sample policies from which one needs to choose. On top of that, the company can create a policy that suits your once a customer decides to engage in discussion.

After that, a particular plan is created and unique to the customer and its pricing.

#3. The customer chose the desired plan.

Once Carshield has made a special policy for the customer, what follows next is selecting the coverage level of the chosen plan. On top of that, the payment method is also discussed in this phase, where a payment plan is decided. Luckily, Carshield is a kind-hearted extended warranty provider who always strives to satisfy and comfort the customer. The company offers flexible payment methods that work excellently, especially for those living under a tight budget.

Once the process above is done and dusted, the final stage is the signing stage, where a customer signs the agreement. After that, a 30-day window is given, which caters to the customer unsure of the plan. In that case, a refund is possible within those 30 days.

Benefits of purchasing an extended warranty from Carshield

Saves costs.

Sudden car breakdowns happen for many reasons and, in some cases, come by surprise. In major events, the faults could be way expensive to manage hence the need for an extended warranty premium. With the current soar in commodities globally, spare parts and repair prices have more than doubled. Therefore, car maintenance has become so complex and unbearable, thus the need for an extended warranty in these critical moments.

Carshield premiums are the best for handling the expensive maintenance cars pose to the owners. A good plan will shield a customer from overspending on repairs and replacements that are too costly.

It brings peace of mind.

Many car enthusiasts are yearning for peace of mind, no matter how good or perfect their cars are. Sudden faults and expensive repairs can lead to distress and disrupt one’s peace of mind. Therefore, you need to purchase an extended warranty to avoid all that frustration and stress related to car maintenance.


Cars and vehicles are never meant to be immune to breakdowns and faults. At least once in a while. However, some are very deadly and expensive in that cases. Failing to look after a vehicle is something you must never allow to happen at any time during car ownership. Otherwise, you might be in a tricky situation that shakes you up


An extended warranty must come in handy to beat all the odds set upon you by your car and not just any but one from Carshield. Carshield is the perfect extended warranty provider to check out. Get in touch with the provider via phone at +1-800-588-8501 for a free quote.