All brand-new vehicles fresh from the factory doors usually have a factory warranty. This warranty covers the car in case of damages to the workmanship happen. Sadly, the warranty coverage is typically brief as it expires after a short period. Most factory warranties only go for up to 3 to 5 years. That is equivalent to 30,000 to 100,000 miles. After the period, the factory warranty expires, and now the car owner remains the sole person responsible for its maintenance.

Regardless of the make, production dates, or quality, looking after a vehicle is never a walk in the park. The prices for damage repairs and replacement within a vehicle vary depending on the parts involved. Since a car comprises nearly 30,000 different parts, the price will differ for each part. However, the damaged parts may be too costly to fix, needing a third-party helper.

Carshield extended warranties.

Extended warranties are the best protection for your vehicle if you need it well-secured and protected. These warranties come in handy in events where the damages of a car get out of hand. For instance, when a vehicle develops a repetitive problem that is just way too expensive to manage.

One of the best-extended warranty providers you can secure a coverage plan from is Carshield. Carshield is a giant extended warranty provider that has been in the industry for now over a decade. The company is reputable and ranked among the best-extended warranty providers in North America. Carshield offers coverage to the car against any unforeseen damages and breakdowns within a vehicle once the factory warranty expires.

Carshield has a record set of coverage of over a million plus vehicles since its introduction in Canada alone. Therefore, if there is any extended warranty provider to look out for when considering covering your car, you need to consider Carshield.

How much does Carshield cost a month?

This is one question many new customers are looking for answers to. Since there are many extended warranty providers, price is one factor that will get used to judge and pick on the extended warranty provider of your choice.

They are as follows;

  • Age- This is the number of years a car has existed and is an extensively considered factor when shopping around for an extended warranty plan from Carchex.
  • Mileage- The total miles covered since the car drove off the factory doors.
  • Service history and mechanical damages

The factors above are applied when seeking a quote and will determine the price one will pay when securing an extended warranty coverage. Also, data shows that most drivers securing an extended warranty from Carchex paid over $1,000 to $1,500 for a plan.

The price of Carshield Canada’s extended warranty plans per month can’t be answered in one word. That is because extended warranties do not have a fixed price. Coverage prices per month Well, Carshield has over six different coverage plans. These plans are classified according to the number of parts they cover.

Carshield premium plans

  • Diamond- This is the number one plan offered by Carshield and only states the parts excluded from coverage. The part excluded include; wear and tear parts such as the brake pads and the clutch plate and not forgetting aesthetic parts such as the hoses and belts. Any other part aside from the excluded ones is entitled to coverage. That makes the Diamond coverage plan the most Carshield premium and, of course, the most expensive.
  • Platinum- Platinum follows up next as the second most premium plan. This coverage plan covers many parts, including the entire powertrain system, electrical components, brake system, and more.
  • Gold- Gold Is an extended warranty plan by Carshield primarily covering the powertrain system parts. These parts include; Engine, transmission system, axle, suspension system, alternator, starter, and power window motor.
  • Silver- Silver coverage plans work just as Gold, but coverage is limited to a basic level. Parts covered include the powertrain system.
  • Aluminum- Aluminum is a coverage plan made for complex electrical parts in a vehicle and is the most recommended for luxury vehicles.
  • Motorcycle and ATV- This plan only covers motorcycles and ATCs.


Suppose you are looking for the most reliable and trusted extended warranty provider; check out Carchex. Carchex is among the best and number one providers with many extended warranty plans that offer maximum coverage from any unforeseen damage to the vehicle.

The prices of these plans offered by Carchex cannot fit in one sentence since they differ depending on how the customers’ needs.